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Wireless Capsule Endoscopy – Draw the Techniques To Earn More!

While the wireless capsule endoscopy was bring up, fears that the capsule may be become impacted reasons early medically protocols to exclude any patients with a hint of previous aubacute barrier suggestive disease. In realty some patients with Crohn’s disease were inadvertently involved in these early studies as the symptoms of this problem are often subtle. The wireless capsule endoscopy in a short time has acquired a well introduced role in the investigation of patients with recurrent bleeding of obscure origin with colonoscopy fail to reveal of the source.

How it is performed?

The wireless capsule endoscopy has also performed well and good in comparisons with bowel radiology. Through this procedure you can have the better solution to fix your problem in good way.  The modern endoscopic procedures have revolutionized diagnosis & treatment of the diseases of upper gastrointestinal tract (stomach, esophagus, as well as duodenum) and colon. Last remaining frontier is small intestine. Small intestine is difficult organ to make diagnoses & treat without even performing the surgery. Radiological treatments, specifically upper GI series with the small bowel follow that involves following barium since it passes through intestine with the x-ray films, are available for the diagnosis, however these radiological treatments are very time consuming as well as are not very accurate in identifying the small tumors as well as other subtle abnormalities of small intestine. Demand for the improved capabilities in small intestine is less as minority of the intestinal diseases involve small intestine beyond reach of an upper gastrointestinal endoscope & colonoscope. Nonetheless, improved diagnostic & therapeutic abilities in small intestine will be useful, mainly in uncovering causes of the abdominal pain, anemia and diarrhea, because of the intestinal loss of the blood & diagnosing diseases that might involve just small intestine, example, Crohn's disease. The newer technologies, which expands diagnostic capabilities in small intestine is the capsule endoscopy as well known as the wireless capsule endoscopy.

What is the capsule endoscopy?

The capsule endoscopy is technology, which makes use of swallowed video capsule for taking some photographs of inside of esophagus, stomach, as well as small intestine. For the capsule endoscopy, intestines are cleared first of the residual food & bacterial debris with use of the laxatives or purges similar to laxatives & purges used prior to the colonoscopy. Large capsule larger than largest pill-is been swallowed by patient. Capsule has one and two video chips (that is cameras), light bulb, battery, as well as radio transmitter. As capsule travels by esophagus, stomach, as well as small intestine, that takes photographs fast. Photographs are transmitted by radio transmitter to small receiver, which is worn on waist of patient who undergoes capsule endoscopy. At an end of procedure, just about 24 hours later, photographs are all downloaded from receiver in computer, and images are been reviewed by physician.

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