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Voice change Thailand - Voice Change Surgery for Male to Female

How the surgery will be done?

Voice change is an important factor in male to female surgery. This surgical procedure can be performed for not hospitalized patient and the patient should move through the general anesthesia. So, the patient can asleep throughout the procedure. The surgeon can make parallel or folds in the organs so that the Adam’s apple. So, the present voice is eliminating so that the patient can come up with their new voice. This procedure can take the time not more than two hours.

How much time it will take to recover from the surgery?

After the surgery the patient should take care fro their vocal cord and prevent all the oral communication for two weeks, and also the patient may prevent the laborious activities for one month.

Is procedure done in local anesthesia and general, and How long do surgery take?

Surgery is done under the general anesthesia, and take 1½ to 2 hours and after surgery you are admitted local or else for 2 to 3 days.

IS medicines prescribed by your doctor?

Yes, all essential medicines are set for you.

Is there anything and specific I have to bring with to Bangkok for surgery? (Any medicines–or perhaps I have to be away from a few specific foods, and so on beforehand. You must stop to take aspirin, and stop smoking for one week prior to schedule. In case, you are hypertensive (high blood pressure) diabetic, and asthmatic make sure to have it controlled by physician prior to considering surgery, please bring all along your present mediations.

I though how long healing process can take (I may speak again?), and does voice change at time (as healing takes place)?

Voice at early stage of recovery might sound hoarse, also in some cases might last long.

Is there chance voice can stay hoarse forever? How much raise of voice I can expect?

Horarseness is temporary and most of patients gain little more than 80 Hz and most important the long lasting advantage is losing male tone towards the female vocal tone.

Were there any formant measurements that are made before and after the surgery. Acoustic analysis is made pre & postoperative by, most of patients gain little more than 80 Hz and most important the long lasting advantage is losing male tone to female vocal tone.

Were any other tests of frequency ranges of voices made to compare before and surgery values. In case, so, what were these values?

Frequency ranges of the voice diminish in a few case.

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