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Thank you for all your help and referring me to Dr.Tanom. As you suggested I did go to him for Vaser surgery and he was the best choice. Sincerly, James
[ James Sevier ]
Kindly inform you as follows 1- I did hair transplant and will probably come back in January for check-up 2- I also did liposuction 3 sides, with Dr. Pramote, and tomorrow I will do the remova ...
[ J. O. ]
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Vaser Liposelection Thailand – Offering Great Result Throughout of Life!

The vaser liposelection is a traditional liposuction procedure that improved results with minimal bruising. The vaser liposelection can be used to vision excess fat in all areas of the body involving the face, arms, and the abdominal region. There is such information which is related to the vaser liposelection so the patients need to follow the information to get the right way for fix their complicated problem in vaser.

In this procedure the general anesthesia is used for the patient will slip through during treatment process so the treatment will go on smoothly.  It is perfect way to catch up the solution through the online media from the hospital’s surgeons. This is a traditional procedure to clean the problematic area. Vaser is the acronym, which stands for the Vibration Amplification of the Sound Energy at Resonance and this is method that makes use of the ultrasonic energy to emulsify subcutaneous fat & helps the removal by liposuction. It is the surgical technique to achieve the high degree of the precision body contouring. Te ultrasonic frequency is fat specific & its target is the fatty tissue and it causes no injury and damage to the surrounding structures such as blood vessels & nerves, bones joints tendons and so on. And this peculiar quality makes use very safe in some of the difficult areas. Also, it protects blood supply of skin & other structures over, permitting thorough fat aspiration. Fat in areas are contoured accurately just by making use of tech probes that deliver the precise energy to target tissue, permitting emulsification as well as later aspiration by the Vent X canulae.

How it differs from the conventional liposuction?

Liposuction & Vaser assisted Liposelection are aimed at fat tissue. Whereas liposuction involves removing fat deposits just by aspirating & avulsing fat globules and it is more traumatic to tissue & few injury to surrounding structures is also inevitable because of manual aspirating procedure.

Vaser usage allows emulsifying of the fatty tissue & its simple a well as safe aspiration just by limiting the tissue injury to minimum. The results in the minimal blood loss, pain as well as thorough fat aspiration. The standard liposuction is not addressing small fat deposits & the aspiration. It is not precise tool to contour & Vaser succeeds where the liposuction ceases being effective. The Vaser Liposelection & standard liposuction are very different processes. Liposuction does debulking, whereas Vaser does the Debulking & contouring both and this contouring ability is leading edge that Vaser has over the liposuction. Vaser procedure is done in required anaesthesia and general and regional anaesthesia is been used according requirement of a patient.

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