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Thank you for all your help and referring me to Dr.Tanom. As you suggested I did go to him for Vaser surgery and he was the best choice. Sincerly, James
[ James Sevier ]
Kindly inform you as follows 1- I did hair transplant and will probably come back in January for check-up 2- I also did liposuction 3 sides, with Dr. Pramote, and tomorrow I will do the remova ...
[ J. O. ]
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Vaser Hi-Def Thailand –Techniques Change The Lifestyle!

A Vaser Hi-Def is designed to be a sculpting process rather than a debulking technique. Thus, this process is intended for commonly fit for every men and women those have perfect muscle tone without excessive amounts of fats skin. Accurately, the patient maintains a healthy lifestyle through diet and work out, but it is unable to get the desired definition.

Where this procedure will be used?

It can be used all over the body, but the surgeons can found to be use in three areas. Above all this thing, the area shares the features of having dense, tough, fatty tissue that is hard for other types of liposuction to treat. Generally, this technique object on precise eliminate of the superficial as well as deep fatty things over your muscles groups to improve sensibility of underlying musculature.

VASER Hi Def Lipo Sculpture Explained

VASER Hi Def LipoSculpture is a realization of the anatomy & art, using both the technique, as well as technology. Art, work, recognizes how anatomy of the skin, fat as well as muscle contributes to sculptured look of human form. Method, in that he developed different ways of accentuating all of the structures contribution to sculpted body, and not by the new exercise program, however in the technique of VASER Hi Def LipoSculpture, doctor builds on techniques of important surgeons like Edwaldo Bolivar Souza Pinto & Mentz. Souza Pinto pioneered liposuction while he developed approach to superficial layer by using the small caliber cannulaes. The technique attained skin retraction all along with the resection of some fatty excess.

Mentz & colleagues point out traditional liposuction methods fail to attain 'washboard' aesthetic goal as "subdermal fat obscures muscular detail". Also, their response to deficiency is technique named "Abdominal Etching" that refers to the differential liposuction surgery and for detail abdominal musculature, and specifically to rectus abdominus. Rectus abdominus is visualized topographically as linea semilunaris, linea alba, and transverse tendinous intersections in rectus abdominous muscle. The landmarks are improved with the localized superficial liposuction to deepen natural grooves and furrows. Whereas, technique given choices in the body sculpting, it had common complaint of looking unnatural & was limited in that focused on one muscle group, whereas ignoring a lot of other muscles, which contributed to physique of male torso. It as well focused on men, ignoring contouring concerns of most of women. The demand for higher precision in the liposuction has also developed in more exact & complex technique that is referred as liposculpture.

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