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Vasectomy Thailand – Move for the Thailand to Keep Healthy!

Vasectomy is the simplest and safest procedure. Through this procedure the surgeons can not do so many things to treat the patient, and these things are:

· There is no requirement of the scalpel

· No incisions

· No sutures

The vasectomy performed with a local anesthesia numb the area so that the patient can sleep through the treatment. This procedure is 99% effective and it intended to be fixing through out the life. Frequently, it is performed in the surgeon’s office in less than 30 minutes. The urologist and general practitioners perform in vasectomy for getting the right result to serve their patient in delightfully.    At Thailand you can low rate for getting the right result of this vasectomy treatment.  Generally the pregnancy after vasectomy is been attributed to technical error during procedure that is well conducted with aim to occlude passage by which sperms travel in prostrate glands are been ejected out of body during orgasm. But, at time occluded ends of vas defers are been reopened leading to passage of sperms and there is as well possibility of the motile sperms in passage that will make their way in vagina resulting in the pregnancy after vasectomy. Generally, pregnancy can result when the recanalization happens within short period after surgery in cases where recanalization happens after years, sperms are not at all healthy to fertilize egg.

Although natural reversal of the vasectomy procedure might not come as the pleasant surprise; and there are the scenarios where couple might eventually consider the vasectomy reversal & want to have more kids in future Such decision is motivated by many factors few of which include divorce, change in partner, death of child or improvement in financial condition. Whatever reasons surgical reversal of the vasectomy is possible; but for all the good reasons vasectomy is been considered permanent type of the contraception & you must not select that unless you are very sure you do not want to have kids in future.

This being said, vasectomy reversal treatment aims to undo what is done in original procedure. Thus, in some other words in reversal procedure severed ends of vas deferens are been rejoined to make sure flow of sperms from testes to prostrate glands and where they are all sent out through urogenital opening all along with semen during the ejaculation. Success rate of these procedures are very high due to innovations in the micro surgical procedures. But, procedure is not at all cheap at the average rate of around $10,000 that might differ depending on the specific requirements. It will be worthwhile to keep in mind, that despite high success rate pregnancy after procedure is not at all assured & insurance companies don’t cover cost of the vasectomy reversals that are been termed as the elective procedures.

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