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Varicose Veins Removal Thailand – Provide More Straight to Heart!

Why the varicose veins removal process required?

Human legs are complete up of a system of veins. A strong vein holds valves that open and close to help the return of blood to the heart. If the veins damage due to any problem, then the blood flow is stop as well as flow the opposite side towards the leg. Due to this problem many legs related problems are arise pain, swelling and many more. The surgeons are installing slim catheter is inserted inside the vein by a tiny opening and using only a single needle stick.

Why the process in Thailand?

The patients can draw everything that much required for success of the any surgical process in cheap among other place of the world.

Understanding the Superficial Venous Reflux and Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins

Your legs are all made from network of veins and healthy vein has valves that open & close to help return of the blood to your heart Varicose veins are been caused by damaged and diseased valves that result in the backward blood flow in legs, condition well known as the venous reflux. This will cause blood pool in the legs as well as lead to the symptoms like swelling, pain, as well as varicose veins.

Closure Procedure

VNUS Closure treatment, alternative treatment choice to the traditional vein surgery, and brings state of art technology to age old disease. Closure treatment is outpatient treatment that is performed in the doctor's offices, the surgical centers, as well as hospitals. Local and regional anesthesia is generally used to numb treatment area. The thin catheter is been inserted in vein by small opening, and using just single needle stick. Catheter delivers the radio frequency energy to vein wall, and causing that to heat, collapse, as well as seal shut.

When diseased vein is been closed, some other healthy veins will take over & empty blood from legs. As the normal return flow is been established, then your symptoms must improve noticeably.

Following procedure, catheter is removed , bandage is then placed over insertion site & your leg is wrapped generally for a day to help healing. Your Doctor might ask you walk, and wear compressing stockings, as well as to refrain from the long standing periods for period of time and following procedure to help to speed the recovery. Lots of patients resume the normal activities in 1 to 2 days.

What are varicose & spider veins?

Varicose veins are the enlarged blood vessels, which are very close to skin’s surface as well as often happen in legs. They are linked with development of the phlebitis (inflamed vein), open sores, ulcers, or else thrombosis (clot).

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