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Uterine Suspension Thailand –Superb Result from the Process!

What are the procedures?

It is the best for those are suffering for ligaments parts problem of the body. The uterine suspension is a procedure that includes putting the uterus into its normal position. It is may be done by reattaching the pelvic ligaments to the lower part of the uterus to keep it in place, and the another technique uses a special material that do something like a sling to support the uterus in its perfect position.

How it is performing in treatment?

Now day’s there are so many advanced technology performing magnificently way over the problem.  Also  including on performer of uterine suspension with minimally invasive techniques and laparoscoically that decrease post operative pain or speed recovery not less than 4 to 8 weeks.

What is treatment for the tipped uterus?

In case, you have the tipped uterus as well as are experiencing any symptoms, then your physician might suggest surgery to reposition uterus. The uterine suspension will generally reduce pain experienced during the intercourse or menstruation. The surgical method is been used to reposition tipped uterus from the backward facing position to forward facing position. UPLIFT procedure is the newer & improved method to perform the uterine suspension. It is proven to have lesser postoperative complications than some other uterine suspension methods. The uterine repositioning gives long lasting pain relief in majority of the cases of the painful sex & in a few cases of the painful menstruation.

The tipped uterus will be repositioned by:

* "Knee-chest": The exercise that might help to reposition the tipped uterus temporarily. But, exercise cannot be very effective in case, uterus has also become tipped due to endometriosis, fibroid tumors, and pelvic infections.

* Pessary: The plastic and silicone device is been placed in vagina to reposition the tipped uterus. It is normally considered temporary solution for the pelvic pain as long term make use of will lead to the vaginal infections.

Can tipped uterus stop pregnancy?

Generally, the tipped uterus is thought to be cause of the infertility after other possible reasons for the fertility problems are ruled out. Doctor may suggest uterine suspension and UPLIFT procedure in case, there is not any other explanation for the fertility problems. But, this is not very common.

How can tipped uterus affect pregnancy?

Generally between 10th to 12th week of pregnancy, uterus can no longer get tipped and "backwards." This must cause no difficulty for pregnancy or else for the labor & birth. In case, uterus doesn’t move in the "middle" position, miscarriage will happen, however it is rare.

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