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Although I am still in the recovery period, I can say that my surgery has been very successful both functionally and cosmetically. The results of my facial surgery are also impressive. The facilities ...
[ Susan Thorn (Stephen Thorneycroft) ]
I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with the procedures and also the hospital was marvellous. Better than the ones in Australia. I would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you ...
[ Carol Davies ]
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Thighs Lift Thailand – Best for Loose and Sagging Skin!

Why the thighs lift process is required?

Thighs lift process is much required to remove the unwanted fats and loose skin from the inside and outside area of the thighs. Due to this problem the patients are loosing slimness of their body. The patients are never wearing favorite dress due to this problem. There are two types of thighs lift process performed by the surgeon known as the media thigh lift for inner side and lateral thigh lift for out side muscles and skins.

How many time it required?

Basically the process required two to four hours and process may vary according to fats percentage and skilled hands of surgeons. The individual is suffering from the excess weight problems that are suitable candidates for thighs lift surgery process in Thailand.

What is length of thigh lift surgery?

Surgery takes around 2 to 4 hours and might differ from one patient to another patient.

Who is the candidate for the Thighs Lift Surgery?

Individuals who have sagging and loose skin because of major weight loss & ageing are right candidates for the Thighs Lift Surgery. Thighs Lift Thailand is conducted on the patients who are very self conscious about lower body & have thighs that look flabby & dimpled.

How is surgery done?

Patient doesn’t have to get hospitalized before surgery. Prior to starting surgery, general anesthesia is been applied on patient. That depends on type of surgery, which is for inner and outer thigh, surgery is performed. For the inner thigh lift, incision is then made between buttock’s crease & interior groin crease as well as for the outer thigh lift, and longer incision is performed involving buttock areas, abdomen, groin, as well as back. After removing fats incisions are very carefully closed to stop extended scaring.

What does patient expect from Thighs Lift Thailand?

Thighs Lift Thailand can give patient tighter & firm thigh skin and it can also help to improve contours of body just by minimizing irregularities of a skin.

What are risks & side effects that involve in the Thighs Lift?

Thigh Lifts Thailand has a few side effects such as bruising, swelling, as well as bleeding. Patient will as well experience pain, allergic reaction and infection because of anesthesia.

How long does patient have to stay in the hospital?

Patient need spending two nights at hospital after Thighs Lift Thailand surgery.

Are there noticeable scars?

There cannot be any of the visible scar as scars are all hidden in groin crease.

What kind of Anesthesia is given during Thighs Lift?

Patient is given general and twilight anesthesia prior to operation.

What type of Precautions must be taken after surgery?

Patient must take rest for two weeks and any type of the strenuous activities & exercise must be avoided.

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