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Although I am still in the recovery period, I can say that my surgery has been very successful both functionally and cosmetically. The results of my facial surgery are also impressive. The facilities ...
[ Susan Thorn (Stephen Thorneycroft) ]
Kindly inform you as follows 1- I did hair transplant and will probably come back in January for check-up 2- I also did liposuction 3 sides, with Dr. Pramote, and tomorrow I will do the remova ...
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The SRS is design as best surgical procedure by which the patient’s physical appearance and function of sexual features are altered to resemble for sex. In this way, it is parts of the treatment procedure for gender identify, or gender dyphoria in transsexual people and it may be performed on intersex people, often in infancy.

Which types of treatment has involved in the process?

The SRS can be involved in so many procedures but the main involve feature are:

· Gender reassignment surgery

· Sex reconstruction surgery

· Genital reconstruction surgery

· Gender confirmation surgery

Through this procedure you can get the perfect shape or identify the gender that you have in long period. So, it is the best technique to draw the perfect solution for your problem. The Sex Reassignment surgery from the female to male also includes surgical treatments that can reshape female body to look like that of the genetic male. The male sex hormones, testosterone, are used to augment whole transition procedure.

Because majority of the procedures are all irreversible comprehensive evaluation of patient should be done by 2 qualifies, the board certifies health professionals. Letter of the recommendation by evaluating professionals are required prior to breast & genital surgery is done. To get the letter, patients should meet eligibility & readiness as enumerated in HBIGDA Standards of the Care.

When is the SRS performed?

Time that people begin feeling of belonging to opposite sex is 2 to 3 years of the age. According to outcome of a lot of researches, treatment will prevent some unnecessary sufferings. The physical outcome of early treatment is expected being more satisfactory by the comparison with starting later, and especially MFs. This is enormous & lifelong advantage in place of having to live with the deep voice & other scar. Therefore, earlier SRS is done, easier transsexuals will adjust themselves that is according to the sex identity, also they will avoid confusion about themselves. However, SRS is generally performed at an age of 18 to 21 and there are 2 reasons for long delay. First, most of the kids with the gender identity disorder cannot grow to get transsexuals. Second, the adolescents in a lot of countries are legally dependent on consent of the parents while deciding on the medical treatment.

How transexuals feel after the SRS?

On whole, most of transsexuals who have done SRS were pleased with the sex change. Nonetheless, lots of them were been dissatisfied with way new physical Appearance. Reason for the dissatisfaction is first, and MFs need to do with the retention of the bodily features & aspects of overall appearance, which cannot be changed totally by surgery and hormonal manipulation.

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