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Spinal Fusion is high class surgery technique best for join the two or more vertebrae. This process is also known as the spondylosyndesis or spondylodesis. The process are use to remove the pain caused by the abnormal motion of the vertebrae. There are two types o f spinal fusion such as posterolateral fusion, interbody fusion. In posterolateral fusion process the bones are graft6 between the transverse process in the spine side. The screw and wire are using to joint them with each others. But in case of interbody fusion a device is place between the joint areas.

How the patients known more about the process?

There are various surgery related sites are introduced by the medical councils of Thailand provide instance conformation to the patients about the process. The spinal fusion is considered "last resort" as well as is brought on by patients' neurological trauma and intense pain or unresponsiveness to the alternative types of the treatment. Few of reasons that will lead to conclusion include the spinal tumors, spinal disc herniation, spondylolisthesis, spine instability, scoliosis, as well as digestive disc diseases. But, despite benefits of this medical technique will bring about, that does have a few major disadvantages that make that risky procedure.

One of the disadvantages of the spinal fusion is a few patients after completion of procedure begin suffering from the severe and minor headaches. And some other common conditions that include temporary and permanent numbness on each side of body; pains in lower muscles in back & nerve damage. These are the after effects of the spinal fusion that will easily get avoided by having alternative, that is laser surgery.

Surgical treatments for spine is invasive and thus leading to the collateral damages of the healthy tissues. Lots of this led to the future complications resulting in more treatments & multiple surgeries and this led to development of laser surgery. For the people who are suffering from the chronic back pain & those dependent on the pain pills & other therapies like injections, use of laser surgery must get considered. The revolutionary new medical treatment is non invasive & makes incision less than width of the dime. In place, of making use of scalpel to cut herniated tissues, precise laser beam is been used to cut tissues just by evaporating one with the high moisture content. This pinpoint treatments leads to the less bleeding & surrounding tissue damage. Procedure is non invasive, superficial leading to the fast recovery time of over 72 hours in place of months for typical surgery such as spinal fusion.

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