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Salpingectomy Thailand – Using Advanced Version of Every Process!

Salpingectomy surgical process required to deduct the fallopian tube. It is a major part of reproductive system in women body required to connect to ovaries and uterus. In most of the cases some problem are arising in the one side or both of the side. So salpingectomy needs to be considered to remove these types of problem. The process by which the both tubes would be removing is also known as the bilateral version of process.

Why the process mentions as salpingectomy Thailand?

There are more than thousand of satisfied patients are recovering from the problem. Due to the advanced and unique surgical process in Thailand as well as the world class surgeons are much skilled that makes critical salpingectomy surgery process successfully.   The salpingectomy is done for many various reasons. The removal of tube (the unilateral salpingectomy) is generally done if tube has become infected (condition well known as the salpingitis).

Salpingectomy is used to treat the ectopic pregnancy, condition where the fertilized egg has been implanted in tube in place of inside uterus. In most of the cases, tube is removed just after the drug treatments made to save structure have failed. (and women with remaining fallopian tube can get pregnant & carry the pregnancy to term.) Other alternative to salpingectomy is the surgery for removing fetus from fallopian tube, and followed by the surgery to repair tube.

The bilateral salpingectomy (and removal of both tubes) is generally done if ovaries & uterus are going to get removed. In case, fallopian tubes & ovaries are removed at a same time, then this is named salpingo oophorectomy. The salpingo oophorectomy is essential while treating ovarian & endometrial cancer as fallopian tubes & ovaries are most common sites which cancer might spread.

The regional and general anesthesia are used and often the laparoscope (hollow tube with light on end) is been used in this kind of the operation that means the incision is smaller & recovery time shorter. In this method, surgeon makes small incision beneath navel and surgeon inserts short hollow tube in abdomen and, in case, necessary, pumps in the carbon dioxide gas to move the intestines out of way & better view organs. After wider double tube is been inserted on each side for laparoscope, one more small incision is been made on other side by which other instruments are inserted. After operation is completed, tubes & instruments are withdrawn and small incisions are been sutured & there is little scarring.

In case of the pelvic infection, surgeon makes horizontal incision 4 to 6 at (10-15 cm) long in abdomen right above pubic hairline. And this allows doctor to remove scar tissue.

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