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Rhytidectomy Thailand – Know the Procedure to Solve the Problem!

The rhytidectomy is commonly known as facelift surgical procedure, and it is designed for rejuvenating the face by tightening the skin and supporting structures and removing excessive fat and wrinkles around face and neck area resulting in a more youthful appearance. It can reserve the effects of aging, and offer the patient a younger and fresher look.

Can this procedure fix the problem?

It can be predictable to reduce creases and wrinkles caused by aging, sun exposure or stress. This process will be called a mini facelift and mid facelift if it is performed on the mid face area which involves the eyebrows, eyes, nose, cheeks, and lastly at the sub nasal line just below the nose. Newly, a mini facelift is the most usual executed type of facelift.     Enhancing appearance with the facelift

In case, you are bothered by signs of aging in face, facelift is right for you. It is technically known as the rhytidectomy, facelift is the surgical procedure for improving the visible signs of aging in face & neck, like:

* Sagging in midface

* Deep creases below lower eyelids

* Deep creases all along nose extending to corner of your mouth

* Fat has fallen and is displaced

* Loss of the muscle tone in lower face might make jowls

* Loose skin & excess fatty deposits under chin & jaw will make person of the normal weight look to have double chin

Rejuvenation methods generally done in the conjunction with facelift are the brow lift, to correct sagging and deeply furrowed brow, as well as eyelid surgery for rejuvenating aging eyes.

What it will not do:

As restorative surgery, facelift doesn’t change fundamental appearance & can’t stop aging process. The facelift will get performed surgically; and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments will not achieve same results, however might help to delay time at which the facelift gets appropriate & complement results of the surgery.

Is it correct for me?

The facelift is highly individualized method & you must do that for yourself, not fulfill somebody else’s desires and to try to fit any type of the ideal image.

Facelift surgery is good choice for you if:

* You are healthy

* You do not smoke

* You have positive outlook & specific, however realistic goals in your mind for improvement of appearance

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