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Rectocele Repair Thailand /Enterocele Repair Thailand (Posterior Vaginal Repair with Mesh)

While the bulge inject into the vagina comes from rectum is known as rectocele. As with another forms of pelvic organ prolapsed are predisposing factors. The symbol is similar to rectocele for fix the problem in same so that you can draw best one through the medical. Furthermore, require of reaching into the vagina to push stool out is not uncommon.

How the repair section going on?

Rectocele repair is a surgical procedure that tightening front vaginal wall to reshape the sinking of the bladder into vagina. This is doing while the vagina and the back segment restum are no longer held up properly. The operation will be tightened up the supports to the rectum and take away the bulge in the vagina. Rectocele repair is the surgical treatment that is carried out for correcting the rectocele, and prolapse, of rectum. The rectocele happens when rectum is forced from place & starts to put some pressure on back wall of vagina, and causing the symptoms like pain during the sex & constipation. Rectocele repair also corrects problem by relocating rectum to the normal position as well as adding the supportive sutures and surgical mesh to stop any further prolapse.

Rectum & vagina are all held in respective places through muscles that make sure they don’t encroach on space of each other. At times, fascia muscles, which separate vagina & rectum weaken, and causing rectum to fall forward & put some pressure on vagina. The muscle weakening will happen becuae of muscle strain from the heavy lifting, childbirth and repeated straining during the bowel movements. The rectoceles are all divided in 3 different grades, and based on amount of the pressure rectum puts on vaginal wall. Grade rectocele puts just small amount of the pressure is then put on vagina; and these don’t need any treatment. Grade two rectoceles involve significant amount of the rectal displacement & require treatment. In Grade 3 rectocele, rectum has now become very much displaced that bulges through opening of vagina and these always need rectocele repair the surgery.

In most of the cases, the rectocele repair is been carried out in general anesthetic, however if this is not at all possible for the medical reasons, patient is given regional anesthetic instead. Also, in first step of procedure, surgeon makes the incision in back wall of a vagina. Next, rectum is been pushed back in place, as well as fascia muscles are all reinforced with the sutures or synthetic mesh and this can prevent rectum from the prolapsing again. AT times, fascia muscles or vaginal walls now have get stretched & weakened.

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