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Penile Skin Inversion Thailand –Information That Change the Lifestyle!

The Penile Skin Inversion is a high end surgical procedure so the surgeons can draw the techniques in the surgical process. At the time treatment the surgeons required to eject an anesthesia because it’s much painful process for every patient. There is some information which is related to the Penile Skin Inversion procedure so that the patient can choose the right way to draw the information for getting the perfect treatment.

Through this procedure the patient can have some extra benefit to enjoy dual lifestyle in a one life. If you are not found anything about the treatment, then you need to move for the Internet search out the experts, and then the patient can get the right treatment for your problem in positive manner. Penile inversion treatment of the gender reassignment surgery also has made many improvements as this depiction of the circa 1970 prototype. However, concept of denuding skin from shaft of penis, and making use of freed skin as lining of the newly created vaginal cavity stays chief characteristic of most widely used method in neo-vaginal construction. The portion of glans (head of penis) with the nerve supply is been converted in clitoris. The sensitive clitoris keeps the normal erogenous sexual sensation & allows patients to have the orgasms. Some other methods amputate glans and invert that in vagina, generally without even maintaining normal sexual sensation; the procedures generally make use of the spongy tissue surrounding urethra to make the clitoris. During clitoris creation, I make use of small amount of the penile skin below glans to make the clitoral hood. Testicles are removed.

Skin of penis is inverted to make the vagina and depth of vagina is very important to most of the patients, particularly those desiring the sexual intercourse. Traditionally, depth of vagina is decided by amount of the shaft skin. As, a lot of patients with smaller penis didn’t have any adequate depth for the satisfactory intercourse, and they were disappointed. The skin grafts from lower flanks and sides were used, however graft donor site will cause unsightly scars. Thus, I routinely make use of the skin graft from scrotal skin & attach that to deepest part of penile skin for making vagina deeper. Skin should be hairless to prevent the hair growth inside vagina, so hair removed by multiple electrolysis treatments. Occasionally, patient might not have enough penile shaft skin and scrotal skin for the deep vagina, and thus flank skin is used. Generally, this results in linear scar.

Remaining scrotum is been tailored to make labia majora and outer lips, and different techniques are been used to make labia minora and inner lips.

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