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Penectomy Thailand – Helps to Grow Your Personality!

It is a high end surgical procedure. Through this procedure the patient can have a beautiful lifestyle. At present, the surgeons have managed to draw more popularity through it. There are several types of surgery available in the leading hospital but this type of procedure can help you grow your moral capacity to enjoy the life in beautiful manner. There are such information which are required at the time of procedure, and this surgery should be required the general anesthesia so that the patients can deep sleep during the entire treatment process. These are the best procedure to reduce your pain in significant manner. The recovery of the treatment can take not more than 2 weeks, before you need to collect some information so that you can take a right decision for this procedure.

Partial & total removal of penis

The penectomy to remove a part (partial penectomy) and all of penis (well known as the radical and total penectomy) might need to get carried out in case, other treatments are not at all appropriate and have proved ineffective. Also, in cases of the cancer of penis lymph nodes in groin might get removed. Also, removing lymph nodes will help to prevent more spread of the cancerous cells in body.

The partial removal of penis involves removing tip and head of penis and surgeon aims saving as much of shaft of penis. This helps with the urination just by allowing stream of urine being directed far away from body. It means men will pass urine standing in the public washrooms & thus keep the previous habits & routines.

Total removes entire penis and this includes parts of penis, which extend in pelvis. Passing urine is also achieved by making the new opening for urethra, tube, which carries urine from bladder.

Sex & Intimacy following partial penectomy

The partial penectomy where surgeon leaves a part of penis intact is preferable if condition and disease allows. After te partial penectomy, although most of the sensitive part of penis, head and glans is been removed, enjoyable & full sex life is also possible. Penetration is achieved even with the 3cms of shaft and this allows man to attain erection when it is sexually excited & have normal ejaculation.

Frank & supportive communication with sexual partner is very important and professional support might help to facilitate this. Men who have the total penectomy need to rethink expression of sexuality. Lots of men who  need to have all of the penis removed are much older so this might not be very important to them as more practical issues of the issues like the bladder control.

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