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Orchiectomy Thailand – A New Process in Medical Field!

There are various advanced process introduced by the surgeons of Thailand that makes patients life more delightful. Among those processes the Orchiectomy is one of the advanced sex change process that never introduced before in the history of medical science. The sex change process are risky and critical so the surgeons more careful during the entire process.

What are the requirements for the success of process?

Every surgery has some risk factor. So, it is important for every patient to much confident about entire requirements. Basically the success of every process depends on two things such as: well skilled surgeons and health atmosphere hospital. But in case of Thailand the patients are this thing in cheaper so all over the people are choose Thailand for Orchiectomy process.  Orchiectomy is surgical removal of both testicles, and testes, in human male. Also, it is called orchidectomy, mainly in British publications. Removal of testicles is well known as the bilateral orchiectomy, ad castration, as person is now no longer able to make. Emasculation is one more word it is at times used for the castration of male. Castration in women is surgical removal of ovaries (the bilateral   oophorectomy).

The orchiectomy is done for treating cancer and, for some other reasons, to the lower level of testosterone, primary male hormone, in body. The surgical removal of the testicle is usual treatment in case, tumor is found in gland itself, however orchiectomy might get performed to treat the prostate cancer and cancer of male breast, since testosterone causes cancers to grow & metastasize (spread to some other parts of body). The orchiectomy is at times done to stop cancer when the undescended testicle is been found in the patient who is beyond age of the puberty.

The bilateral orchiectomy is performed as a stage in male 2 female gender surgery. It is also done both lowering levels of the male hormones in patient's body & to prepare genital area for the later operations for constructing vagina & external female genitalia. Few European countries & four states in United States allow the convicted sex offenders requesting the surgical castration to help to control the sexual urges. The option is been considered as controversial in a few parts of legal system. The small number men with strong sex drives some request orchiectomy for the religious reasons; and it must be noted, that the official Roman Catholic teaching is totally opposed to performance of the castration for the spiritual purity.

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