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Orchidopexy Thailand – Through It You can Easily Solve the Testicle Problem!

The orchidopexy is a process to place a testicle that is undescended in to its perfect area within the scrotum. As a child is enhancing in the womb, its testicles drop through the stomach and in to the scrotum. In most of the cases the testicle will not fall down and will remain in the abdomen or draw wedged in the groin, the resulting is an agreement called crytorchidism. It should be undergone if the testicle has not descended after eight months of age.


Why it is necessary?

It is very necessary, because it will increase the function of the testicle and will avoid any scars from happening. The orchidopexy is the best and perfect procedure to solve the patient’s testicle problem.  The "orchidopexy" is operation to pull down the undescended testes. Undescended testes happen when testes (one and both) don’t move down in scrotum.


Testes might come down themselves in first 3 months following birth and in case, they don’t, operation named orchidopexy is required. Best age for surgery is controversial & you must discuss it with specialist. Lots of experts suggest operation happen when child is aged around 6 to 12 months.

Orchidopexy surgery is required in case, testes don’t come down themselves after 6 months since, there is the risk of the ongoing health issues and these will include:

* Trauma like twisting (torsion)

* Hernia – lump of the bowel coming by same hole as testis

* Lower fertility –body temperature in abdomen is much higher than in scrotum & this will affect sperm production in testes

* Risk of the testicular cancer –is 1 in 100 risk

* Poor self esteem due to cosmetic problem


The orchidopexy is done to bring testis down in the normal location in scrotum. The small cut is then made in groin & testis is been stitched in scrotum. Now, testis can stay in scrotum and the operation is day procedure & your kid must go home on similar day.


* Occasionally testis doesn’t reach scrotum after first operation & that has being done again.

* In case, testis is high in abdomen and blood supply to testis is poor, and it might shrink & disappear and this is rare.

Care in home after operation

* Ensure that your kid has sufficient pain relief - Panadol is generally enough.

* Ensure child continues to eat & drink.

* In case, your kid develops temperature 38.5 celsius, and contact surgeon.

* Your kids doctor and nurse can give instructions on how you can care for child’s wound.

* Watch for the signs of infection: high temperature, and red, hot and oozing over wound.

* Limit the child's activity for first some days after the surgery - surgeon can advise you this.

* Please call local doctor and hospital surgeon in case you have concerns.

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