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The neck lift process, the surgeons are makes incisions under the chin and behind the ears to right to use the platysma area, and manipulate properly. The permanent posture is used to hold the tissue in their right place. There are new and invasive neck procedures, while the surgeon might be able to make tiny incisions and use an endoscope to accomplish through the surgery. At that time, make sure the patients need to ask your surgeon for all the selection during entire consultation.

Who is the right candidate?

The neck lift surgery is advised for people who are facing the problem of sagging skin nearby neck area. Through this procedure the patients can have the best result for their problem and there is no confusion to take another decision.

What does the Neck Lift Surgery Involve?

The Neck Lift is surgery that is designed to reduce loose look of the sagging skin in neck area & under jaw line.

How long does Neck Lift take?

Neck Lift is the operation that generally takes two hours to complete making use of the general anaesthetic & generally includes overnight stay at hospital.

What I can expect from the Neck Lift?

Your expectations have to be very realistic and most of the patients are very much pleased with outcome & find they gain feeling of the increased self-confidence particularly when wearing wll those more revealing clothing. An overall achievement is having the totally natural look, which gives impressions that you have lost weight or look much younger.

What will happen in recovery period?

You can feel tired & sore for some days and can have swelling or bruising that is just natural. Most of discomfort is subsided with the prescription medication. Also, following operation you may have light dressing in proper place that can have to be kept totally dry for two weeks. After two weeks dressing is removed and wound inspected & lightly cleaned. Scars are firm & pink for six weeks & might stay same size for many months also it is very important to remember they might take two years to fade. Also, you may have the follow up visits in months after the surgery to check on progress.

What is recovery time from the Platysmaplasty surgery?

This can depend on individual patient but most of the patients can go back to the work after couple of weeks. Though you may walk about & do light activities in some days it is sensible not to do anything very strenuous for around 21 days. Average recovery time is around 3 to 4 weeks.

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