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Communication with Beauty Med My contact was Natt at customer services, I found Natt to be very helpful and informed. The fast response to emails was excellent and reassuring. The airport transfers ...
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Thank you for all your help and referring me to Dr.Tanom. As you suggested I did go to him for Vaser surgery and he was the best choice. Sincerly, James
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Natural Birth Thailand – Enhancing Your Life Perfectly!

At present, everyone wants to have a child natural process but there are tons of pains and obstacles! For this type of reason, you can move for Thailand because there are numbers of surgeons can make this procedure easier and simple for which you cannot feel any pain during the treatment time. While you move for this treatment, before you need to collect all the information which are required at the time of treatment. So, you need to remember all the information to achieve the solution at Thailand.

What are the steps required for the treatment?

There are 3 most efficient procedures can be applied for making the process easy such as:

· First of all examine your body

· Secondly, they can offer the information on the basis for which you can take the right decision

· And most importantly you should agree to the procedure of the treatments.

Let us look at higher intervention, and Ceasearians are been used while it is considered baby is in the distress and where the vaginal birth is not at all possible. The level of intervention is considered as not natural birth, but Nile crocodiles* might disagaree. In case, Nile hatchling is not able to hatch itself and is in distress, mother and father (there are not any nearby obstetricians) can hear high pitched chirping & can open nest, choose egg in mouth, as well as roll that between tongue and upper palate of mouth to help to crack shell, as well as release the offspring. Ask crocodile whether they have the natural births in case, you dare & I am sure that they will say that they all are!

As the animals evolve it is very natural for the new ways to secure safe birth of offspring. I am sure that there will be time while crocodiles did not crack open the eggs and when they did, and this was new & different to them. And how different it is for other human to help baby be born just by the similar means? We may so very easily place women in the boxes that are determined by what kind of the birth they had, and maybe making use of various criteria will bring us more of interesting results. While I am reviewing impact of Programme on birth, key criteria is not whether she had gas & air, epidural or Cesarean, few of key measures that I use are:

* Did mum & birth companion feel control of birth?

* Was birth as calm & gentle if possible?

* Was mother relaxed throughout birth?

* Did mother feel empowered after birth?

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