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Myomectomy Thailand – Draw the Experience to Get More Help!

The Myomectomy surgery, while performed by an experienced and well trained surgeon, is not a difficult process and there is small loss of blood. This procedure should only be performed after a thorough discussion with the doctor. There are so many patients today are selecting the Myomectomy surgery. For this reason, being that it is helping them to get the same quality of facilities and services that they would search out back home at less than half the price. There are so many countries can offer the Myomectomy surgery but at Thailand you can find out the best and perfect Myomectomy surgery for which you can solve the most complicated problem in ease way.  It is the best way to find out the best and experiences quality surgery to fix the problem easily.

What is the "abdominal myomectomy?

The abdominal myomectomy is a removal of the fibroids by incision in abdomen.  I generally may do this by the horizontal incision, even for the large fibroids.  Also, there is not any limit to size and number of the fibroids that are removed.  The abdominal myomectomy is all done in hospital, and women generally may go home in 48 hours of the surgery.

Is there much of blood loss with the myomectomy?..

Generally, there is very little loss of the blood while myomectomy is done by the surgeon with an extensive experience in procedure.  Also, there are many ways to reduce the blood loss and  I make use of laser to make incision in uterus that seals blood vessels & reduces the bleeding.  Prior to incision, medicines are all injected in uterus to shrink the blood vessels.  Thus, I find that unusual to lose the excess amount of the blood during myomectomy, even with the large fibroids. Also, there are many surgical methods to reduce the blood loss, and thus it is very important to find surgeon who is well experienced in the myomectomy.

What are advantages & disadvantages of the abdominal myomectomy?

An ability to feel uterus allows me finding fibroids deep in uterus that might not be visible by looking.  Since, you may see from photos, to hold uterus allows to accurately repair area from which the large fibroids are removed.

Disadvantage of the abdominal myomectomy is it requires incision, and thus recovery is somewhat much longer than needed in case, the incision is avoided.  Fibroids, which are on inside of uterus (submucous) will get removed with the resectoscope, without even requiring any kind of incision.  Fibroids on outside of uterus will at times get removed by laparoscope, by many small incisions.  I feel it is often method of option for the subserous and pedunculated (on stalk) fibroids.  In case, there are a lot of fibroids and fibroids, which are very deep I may do better job by doing abdominal myomectomy.

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