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I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with the procedures and also the hospital was marvellous. Better than the ones in Australia. I would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you ...
[ Carol Davies ]
Thank you so much for your help, I am extremely happy with my surgery and very happy with the test results. I will send a blog for you to attach for other future clients when I feel better. Have a l ...
[ Tammy Brazel * Bandon ]
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The MKamol Cosmetic Hospital is designed for changing the sex male to female so that it’s required for people though want enjoy to double lifestyle in one life. This procedure is over the age of 20 so that the patients have got the permission from their parents. In addition to, the patient have to be diagnosed with either gender dysphoria, gender indentify disorder or such as depression, the patients have to be undergone one year at least or antiandrogens and or hormones.

In this way, this is a high end surgical procedure can be done through the expertise so that the patient need consult with specialist doctors in this field so the patient can get the right offer to change the sex perfectly.

Candidate for the Sex Change Male to Female:

There are two needs that the candidate for male female gender reassignment & breast surgery have to meet follow:

Twelve months of the continuous hormonal therapy for one without the medical contraindication.

Twelve months of the successful continuous time real life experience and periods of the returning to original gender might indicate the ambivalence of proceeding & must not get used to fulfill the criterion.

The regular sessions are required by mental health expert throughout real life of experience at the minimum frequency that is determined by mental health expert with the psychotherapy. It will be good in case, you have knowledge of likely complications, as well as post the surgical rehabilitation needs of different surgical approaches and awareness of various component surgeons.

Sex Change M to F must not at all be taken granted as it entails making the irreversible changes to body.  The written document is essential to prove that the comprehensive evaluation is made and that patient has met eligibility & readiness criteria for the surgery.  Mental health professional, surgeon, and patient are all involved in the decision making. Suggest length of the stay in Thailand for the Male to Female Reassignment surgery:

Male to Female Reassignment surgery may want you stay in Thailand for 14 days for male to female reassignment itself that involves 2 operations on external genitalia:

* Removal of penis

* Creation of new vagina canal.

In case, you are very much interested in the additional procedures that you might have them done at time of hospitalization and you might need to get hospitalized longer then that is on surgeon’s decision & advice.

Need for the additional procedures is very unique to each patient and that depends on individual’s appearance & desires and must get decided in the consultation with surgeon. But, you may stay in Thailand much longer than period suggested so that you may combine the surgery with vacation when recovering.


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