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Although I am still in the recovery period, I can say that my surgery has been very successful both functionally and cosmetically. The results of my facial surgery are also impressive. The facilities ...
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Mandibular Angle reduction Thailand – Right Option for Eliminating the Jaw Line!

Who is the right patient for this procedure?

It is advisable for the patients who are having wide jaw line or square face. Through this procedure the surgeon can eliminate the width of the lower jaw line and modify the square face to round or oval shape.

How long the patient will stay in the hospital?

The patient should stay 14 days in the hospital after the surgery. The stitches of the operation will be removed after 7 days.

Can anesthesia injected by the surgeon?

The surgeon can inject the general anesthesia so that the patient can not feel any hardship throughout the procedure.

Are the scars visible?

Through this procedure the scars will remain in the mouth, so you will not feel or visualize them.

Will there be scars on face?

Lots of patients prefer intraoral approach as this method shows no scars after the surgery.

Will I be in the pain?

During surgery, you are asleep as well as not able to feel any pain. While you awaken from the general anesthesia, then your doctor can give you pain relief injections and tablets to make more comfortable. Also, your face is sore & swollen in slowly decreasing fashion for 2 or 3 weeks. At this time, there is limitation of the face & mouth movement and thus can need soft diet till incisions in mouth heal.

How long I need to be in hospital?

You are discharged after two days and your doctor can ask you return for the follow up check within 1 to 2 weeks.

What can go wrong?

Few risks of the surgery include adverse response to the anesthesia, bleeding, delayed healing, infection, nerve injury with the weakness & numbness of lower lips & jaw, asymmetry, and need for the revision surgery.

How do I get ready for the surgery?

In order, to avoid complications & reduce risk factors, then you have to end smoking, taking any hormonal pills, drinking alcoholic beverages, herbal supplements, as well as medicines instead of one that your physician allows you to continue 2 weeks before the schedule. People with the diseases require surgical clearance from the medical specialist.

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