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Male breast Reduction - Liposuction Technique and Surgery Technique

How the procedure will be done?

Through this procedure the surgeon can eliminate excess fat from the chest while using the liposuction Procedure with high end surgery technique. This procedure can offer the patient a long time solution so that they have not any problem regarding breast reduction.

How much time it will take to accomplish this procedure?

The surgeons can take the time not more than one hour or more. After that the patient can move for the common work in three to seven days.

How the surgery will be done?

This procedure can be performed under general anesthesia.

What are the side effects?

Through this procedure the patient can feel the temporary brushing, swelling, burning sensation with numbness. The swelling and he temporary brushing can feel by the patient through three to six months.

Gynecomastia Surgery Procedure

In case, your enlarged breasts comprise mainly of the excessive fatty tissue, then your surgeon might make use of the liposuction. In case, excess glandular tissue is primary cause, tissue might be cut with the scalpel and this excision is done alone and in conjunction with the liposuction.

During excision procedure, incision is made on edge of nipple or else in underarm area. Surgeon cuts away excess glandular tissue, and skin from over pigmented area surrounding areola & from sides & bottom of breast just by working through incision. Some major reductions, which involve removal of the significant amount of the tissue & skin might need larger incisions & visible scars.

Recovering From Surgery

Have somebody to drive you after the surgery as well as help you in home for day or two in case, needed. No matter whether you have had liposuction, and excision with scalpel and both for gynecomastia, you can feel very discomfort for some days. Pain is managed with prescription from doctor. In order, to help to reduce swelling, then you will probably have to wear the elastic pressure garment for one week or two, as well as for some weeks longer during night. Though worst of swelling can subside in first few weeks, and it is three months and more before final results of surgery are apparent.

Cost of the Gynecomastia Surgery

Cost of the male breast reduction generally includes surgeon's fee, hospital and surgical facility prices, anesthesia fees as well as prescriptions for the medication & post surgery garments. Also, according to the statistics from American Society for the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & American Society of the Plastic Surgeons, national average for the plastic surgeon fees at gynecomastia surgery is $3,400.

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