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Laser Lipolysis Thailand – Know the Advantages of this Procedure!

The laser lipolysis procedure was first introduced in year of 1976. Previous days, the results were not satisfactory, after the thin tubes are used to eliminate fat and insert liquid prior to the process to remove shrink bleeding. The overall results were still sub par more over pain and time taking recovery periods so that the issue damaged was an unavoidable side effect as well force was needed to eliminate the fat in large quantities.

What the laser lipolysis do in the treatment?

At present, the high end technology of laser lipolysis have progressed to employ techniques in suctioning of that such as using water pressure and ultrasound waves which have greatly enhanced results. The advance technology being used for removes the fat, and the laser lipolysis assists liposuction where the laser is used to liquefy the fat deposits before suctioning it.

Advanced Laser Lipo is the modern type of the cosmetic treatment to help with the fat removal. Procedure makes use of highly powered laser for breaking down the areas of an unwanted fat cell that is removed with the suction. It is the fast, smooth as well as safe process that is becoming more and more famous with the celebrities for the fantastic results.

Townshend Skin Clinic gives you trained professionals for carrying out laser liposuction treatment for giving you results that you desire. The Laser Lipo is the most effectual fat removal technology made to date, and giving body with good tone, and tauter skin as well as having added benefit to allow you return to the normal lifestyle mere 24-hours after surgery.

Only local anaesthetic is needed for procedure, and that means you are conscious and will interact with the surgeon any time in case, you feel little discomfort, also there is not any hospital stay needed. Due to the non-invasive nature, that there is the minimal pain that is involved in process, as well as our patients normally are back to normal selves in days - albeit slimmer & happier!

Advantages of the Advanced Laser Lipolysis:

• Side-affects like pain, loose skin as well as bruising are reduced

• Minimal discomfort

• Compression garments are required 1 to 2 weeks like opposed to eight weeks

• No stay in hospital

• Because of use of the powerful laser fat cells are totally destroyed and it is just impossible to make new fat cells in treated area.

Skin Clinic is been comprised of group of trained surgeons who can make you feel ease & make sure best possible results are given. In case, you have further questions we are happy to answer all of them.

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