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I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with the procedures and also the hospital was marvellous. Better than the ones in Australia. I would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you ...
[ Carol Davies ]
Although I am still in the recovery period, I can say that my surgery has been very successful both functionally and cosmetically. The results of my facial surgery are also impressive. The facilities ...
[ Susan Thorn (Stephen Thorneycroft) ]
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Labiaplasty Minora (Labial Reduction Thailand) – Offering a Great Result with Your Partner!

It is a female cosmetic surgery process including Vaginoplasty, and Clitoral Unhooding, are becoming more popular as social acceptance of these cosmetic and reshape procedures continues towards mainstream. Generally, this procedure is in use for reshaping the labia in good way. The high end technology of this procedure can reduce the pain at time of treatment. So, you can choose this procedure for fixing labia problem. It is offering results in the point out area sometimes referred as vaginal cosmetic surgery.

Can my sexual partner feel and see any changes resulting from my labiaplasty?

Felling a change after a labiaplasty, it’s fully depends on the degree of labia abnormality to begin with your partner that time the tissue performed that interferes with sexual activity, and then the sexual partner will feel the difference after the labiaplasty. The cosmetic surgery is used to improve appearance & self-esteem. However, it is used to improve the function and for a few women, having the enlarged inner genital lips are functionally or else emotionally bothersome. Age, hormones, childbirth, as well as sexual intercourse will cause the enlarged labia, and it will happen naturally. The local irritation & problems with the personal hygiene will interfere with the sexual intercourse & cause discomfort during some other activities such as walking, cycling, and sitting. Labiaplasty is cosmetic surgery procedure, which gives women the solution.

Labiaplasty surgically reshapes and reduces external appearance of vagina and this is done to improve woman's vaginal appearance & sexual gratification. With increasing popularity of different cosmetic surgery procedures, which includes labiaplasty, it is very important that prospective patient research & understand the different issues such as what procedure can & cannot treat, costs, inherent risks, as well as other factors. Remember, the cosmetic surgery is that - the surgical procedure whose results can’t get get erased. Whereas information had in the web site can give you with the good introduction to the labiaplasty, while considering this and other cosmetic procedure, we suggest you consult the qualified provider with the significant experience.

Who is Ideal Candidate for the Labiaplasty?

There are different reasons why the women will select to undergo the labiaplasty. More common include:

* Reducing pain at time of intercourse.

* Gaining boost in the self-esteem.

* Feeling confident.

* Reducing the emotional and the physical discomfort to have the enlarged labia.

* Enhancing pleasure.

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