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Hystero-Diagnosis Thailand – Especially Conversion Disorders!

The patients with the hystero-diagnosis are a perennial management for the nonpsychiatric physician. The hystero-diagnosis surgery is designed for defined clinical entity characterized by onset before age 30 and through the multiple medically unexplainable symptoms. These patients may be differentiated from those who have psychiatric disorders , specially conversion disorders, and it should managed in a simple way as to close sick role incapacitation and reduce injudicious use of this hystero-diagnosis procedure. There is something which is closely related with this procedure so that you should draw the information to fix the problem in a good way.

What the surgeons define?

The doctors of the Thailand can define this hystero-diagnosis procedures can be in four categories of such patients, and these surgeons recommend diagnostic approaches for each. Patients with diagnosis of the hysteria are perennial management problem for nonpsychiatric physician. And Hysteria is operationally defined clinical characterized by the onset before age thirty as well as by the multiple medically symptoms. These patients must be differentiated from people with the psychiatric disorders that are resulting in the somatization, parituclarly conversion disorders, and must get managed in a way to minimize the sick role incapacitation as well as reduce the injudicious use of the medication, medical procedures as well as hospitalization. The condition was been referred as the Female Hysteria.  Word hysteria was been derived from Greek word for uterus, also it referred to idea that women do not release fluid during sex (that by way is incorrect, as the female ejaculation happen), energies are built up, get toxic as well as need to get released. The prominent second physician wrote, which hysteria was disease caused by the sexual deprivation in passionate passionate women.

And Hysteria was  noted often in the virgins, widows, nuns, as well as, occasionally, married women. Treatment for the women who are suffering from the hysteria will consist of the pelvic massage, and manual stimulation of clitoris by doctor till patient experienced what referred as hysterical paroxysms, and in other words, orgasms.

Also, in 1800s, few physicians claimed up to 3 quarters of all the women who are suffered from hysteria. Treatment was very difficult for a few to master & out of the necessity, invention of first vibrator happened.  Whereas women have come very long way as then, and there are persistent themes of the shame, which exist behind closed doors in the real bedrooms, which result in the limitations of the sexual expression & satisfaction. Lots of female clients work have unfulfilling sex lives due to the emotional scars over the subjects, and related to female. Hysteria has got nothing doing with these things, however all of which will have, at a time, considered as such.

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