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Although I am still in the recovery period, I can say that my surgery has been very successful both functionally and cosmetically. The results of my facial surgery are also impressive. The facilities ...
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Herniotomy is arising due to weakness in the abdominal muscles that tolerates fatty tissue or an organ such as the intestines to protrude for the weak area. The problems are viewing under the skin and others pressure tissue. Due to the problem patients are feeling more pain, when they standing for the longer period, urination, bowel movement, and lifting heavy objects only for weak muscles. So, the patient can’t feel comfortable in types of work that required more strain.

If the patients are ignore the problem, than its increasing day by day and more critical. So, it is better for the patients consults with the best surgeons and work according to their advice. In this regard the surgeons of Thailand are gaining more popularity huge number of satisfied customers.  The retrospective review taken of boys who undergone the inguinal herniotomy or else surgery for the hydrocele was carried out assessing value of the early routine post operative follow up. The testis was not palpable in normal scrotal position in some boys; and eight were normal on more review & 4 needed orchidopexy. Aroud six hydroceles, which resolved, as well as 4 contralateral hernias were been detected. Nineteen boys were been referred later with the recurrent hernia (2 patients), ipsilateral high testis, or else contralateral hernia and hydrocele. Of 170 not given the routine appointment, 10 (5.9 per cent) were referred back with the transient hydrocele or contralateral hernia. After total of 440 appointments, 8 boys (1.8 per cent) were found having significant abnormality. Rate of the referral back to the hospital was same in both the groups. And early discharge will make efficient use of the outpatient resources without even significantly affecting the overall outcome.

Herniorrhaphy is the surgical treatment for correcting hernia and hernia is bulging of the internal organs and tissues that protrude by abnormal opening in muscle wall. And Hernias will happen in abdomen, groin, as well as at site of the previous surgery.


Herniorraphy, and hernioplasty, is often done as the ambulatory, and "day surgery," treatment in USA. In some other countries, it is common being admitted for the 2 to 3 day hospital stay. Around 700,000 are done every year in United States.


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