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Herniorraphy Bilateral Thailand –Best for Hernia Best Solution!

What you get through this procedure?

At present, there are so many surgeons manage to draw much more profit through the herniorraphy bilateral procedure because it is offering the best solution for the hernia patient. In this regard, these are the best and superb process to reduce hernia in magnificent manner. There are so many ways to find out the information, which related to the herniorraphy bilateral. So, the patient can get the right information which is help to reaching to the solution place to recover normal day. So, the patient should move for the online market to search out hospital that offering these types of services at Thailand. It is the best and perfect way to solution at Thailand perfectly.   This 3 to 1/2 year old presents with the bilateral scrotal swellings that reduce & are consistent with the bilateral inguinal hernias and he also comes to operating room now for repair.

OPERATIVE PROCEDURE: After induction of the general anesthetic, abdomen & perineum were prepped & draped in the usual way. Transverse right quadrant skin fold was made & carried down by skin & subcutaneous tissue with the sharp dissection. External oblique fascia that is identified on course of the fibers and hernia sac was been identified & brought in operative field. Hernia sac was been grasped with the hemostat and cord structures were very carefully stripped away from that until entire circumference of sac can get identified. Sac clamped & divided and distal sac was dissected down where large hydrocele with testicle will be brought up & sac opened, fluid drained, and portion of sac removed. Testicle was then returned to scrotum. Proximal sac was after that, dissected free of cord up to peritoneal reflection at an internal ring and where it was been ligated with 3-0 Vicryl stick tie & Vicryl free tie. An excess removed and cord returned to inguinal canal & external oblique fascia that is closed with the interrupted sutures of  Vicryl & subcutaneous tissue with same, the skin closed with  subcuticular Monocryl. Sterile dressing applied and attention was turned to left side where the identical procedure was been carried out for left hernia, though an only difference to be with sac was somewhat much smaller & didn’t have large hydrocele around testicle. Or procedure was been carried down in the identical manner. The sterile dressings were after that applied to both the sides and child awakened & taken to recovery room in the satisfactory condition.

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