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Hernia Repair Thailand – It’s the Only Effective Way to Treat Hernia!

The most common effective part of the body is hernia so that a man can do from the groin. It occurs from braking tissue through the weakened area of the abdominal wall, and it is usually noticed marked as a lump. You can find out different types of hernia, and these are distinguishing depending upon the hernia location so that the surgeon can suggest which type treatment for the hernia at Thailand.  As the hernia extent it can reason intestine is trapped interior hernia. The hernia repair surgery is the only way to treat hernia and it is the one most commonly effective performer surgical procedures.

Explain the different types of repair procedure:

In this way there are two different procedures, and these are:

· Open hernia repair surgery

· Laparoscopic hernia repair

Mesh is the foreign body and thus, the use in the inguinal hernia repairs is known causing all types of the complications such as recurrence, pain, infection, and so on. We have also developed innovative new technique of the inguinal hernia repair without any mesh and it uses own body muscle for the repair & gives complete cure from the inguinal hernia problem.

The undetached strip of external oblique aponeurosis is been stitched on weak area between muscle arch & inguinal ligament to form new, strong as well as physiologically dynamic posterior wall, which gives you the protection & prevents the re-herniation. Generally, patient goes home in day after the surgery and will drive car & go to office in 3 to 4 days time. The operation is followed in a lot of countries all across the world. We are also surprised to see enquiries from a lot of patients in developed countries who are asking for the repair in country. And this is because operation doesn’t use any of the foreign body like repair & thus there are not any complications are seen in the mesh repairs.

The visit to Topix and other hernia forums show many posts that are showing sufferings of a lot of patients because of mesh repairs. However, why the surgeons from the developed countries are all interested in the mesh repairs is big question for us and we have operated on over 1500 patients with the excellent results. The patient is also operated under the local and spinal anesthesia and is mobile in many hours. Patient also goes home at 24 hours and begins his normal activities instantly thereafter.

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