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Heart Valve Replacement Surgery Thailand – Heart Valve Replacement!

The valve has controlled the direction of blood flow through your heart. The opening and closing of valves has produced the sound of the heartbeat. At present, the heart valve replacement surgery is know as open heat surgery that is done when the patient are under general anesthesia. The cut procedure is making through the breast bone and the patient blood is routed away from the patient heart to heart lung bypass machine. It is keeping the blood circulating when the patient’s heart is being treatment on.

Explain the types of valves?

The valves may be repaired or replaced. The replacement heart valves are either natural or artificial. The natural valves are from human or animal donors but the artificial valves have been made from the metal.  Heart valves might get a few diseases & it cannot perform the function. While it is closed blood doesn’t move to heart’s chambers and less bloods travel to next chamber. Because of this problem, bloods might come out to lungs & body. Heart valves failure might cause you many problems affecting whole body system. Problems are stenosis (that is hardened and stiffness with the calcium deposits), regurgitation (insufficiency). In order, to maintain healthiness of valves also cure the problems, heart valve surgery is performed by heart surgeons.

Procedure of the Heart Valve Surgery :

The heart valve surgery means the repair or else replacement of diseased valves. In surgery, few valves are been repaired and mended to do work rightly. Replacement means the removal of diseased valves by new valve. Procedures of the heart valve surgery are :

* Valve Repairing : In valve repair surgery, ring is sewn over opening of valve to make tighter. Surgeons might cut other parts or might separate or shorten that to help valve open & close right.

* Valve Replacement : At times by mending valves, and it is not at all possible to cure unhealthy valve, and after that replacement is needed to get back the normal function. The prosthetic valve is been used to replace and there are 2 kinds of the prosthetic valves.

Mechanical valves : These kinds of valves are all made from the man made materials. Whereas, the heart surgeons’ make use of the valve, lifetime therapy with anticoagulant is been prescribed to patient.

Biological valves : Surgeons take the biological valves from cow, pig, or else human donors. Longevity of the biological valves is much less than mechanical valves.

But, choice of the mechanical valves and biological valves depend on many factors such as age of patient, size of valve, status of heart, ability to take the anticoagulant, valves required, etc.

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