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Heart Screening Thailand

While living in busy and populated environment, it is more important to take care of your health to maintain a health life. Near the starting of the life you need to take care of your heart, and most importantly detection of problems by having a regular check up means easier procedure and lack risk of serious illness. At Thailand, you can find out some hospital those are offering this type of treatment with better sources so that you need to move for this place to draw the information to sure himself.

What needs a patient through the treatment?

Through this procedure the patient can be required the information about treatment and service procedure for which they can ensure about the recovery time.  Task Force on the Screening for the Heart Disease assessed relevant research to decide whether the early detection of the heart disease in the symptom-free people will reduce odds of dying of the heart disease and having heart attack. Unluckily, there was not a lot of evidence to assess. Worse, Task Force concluded there is more harm that is caused by inevitable false alarms. Potential harms of the screening, according to Task Force, are not necessary invasive testing (for example, coronary angiography); "mislabeling" people having the heart disease due to the erroneous test results; as well as unnecessary treatment, for example, drugs or surgery.

Task Force looked at most common heart screening tests: and resting electrocardiography, exercise treadmill test & heart scanning for presence of the calcium and constrictions in coronary arteries. Study cited by Task Force found most of abnormal results show up on ECGs given people at very low risk for the heart disease that are meaningless. Around 71% of people with the abnormal results from the treadmill testing went on having the angiography found nothing of significance. (The Angiography carries very small risk of death.) And no research is done to decide whether heart scans will predict heart attack and stroke.

At times tests find out nothing amiss in the people with any of the heart disease. "Because of limited sensitivity of the resting ECG & low prevalence of the coronary heart disease in the asymptomatic adults, majority of the coronary heart disease events can happen among people with the initially normal ECG. The exercise treadmill testing is normal and non-diagnostic in large proportion of the patients who can go on having the coronary heart disease that are explained partly by fact that a lot of acute coronary results from the sudden occlusion of previously unobstructed segment."

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