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Heart By Pass Surgery Thailand – Makes Your Heart Stronger!

Many people are feared with listen heart by pass surgery due to its huge life risk. But the surgeons of Thailand are gaining more popularity by successfully handle some major heart problem. In this regard it is always better for any heart patients to consults with the well skilled surgeons for their surgery process. According to experts points of view only three percentage of life risk in surgical process and it is for the nervousness of patients.

Who is a suitable for bypass surgery?

Basically in three ways the surgeons Thailand are treated in three way coronary artery such as: percutaneous intervention for angioplasty, coronary artery bypasses graft, and medical therapy. The surgeons are applying one of above process according to requirements of patients. The off pump coronary artery bypass; OPCAB; Bypass surgery - heart; Beating heart surgery; Coronary artery bypass surgery; CABG; Coronary artery bypass graft; and Coronary bypass surgery

Heart bypass surgery makes new route, named bypass, for blood & oxygen to reach heart. It is performed to fix the problems that are caused by the coronary artery disease, where arteries, which lead to heart are partly and totally blocked.

Before the surgery you may get anesthesia and this can make you unconscious & unable to feel pain. Effects of anesthesia can last entire procedure. When you are unconscious, heart surgeon is going to make 10 inch long incision in middle of the chest. And then your breastbone will urgery connected to heart lung bypass machine, and bypass pump.

The machine does work of your heart when your heart is been stopped for surgery. Machine adds oxygen to blood, as well as circulates the blood through body.  Your heart is stopped when you are well connected to the machine. The newer method doesn’t use heart lung bypass machine. Bypass is made when your heart is beating. This is named off-pump coronary artery bypass, also known as OPCAB and this method is used for the patients who can have problems being on heart-lung machine.

During surgery, doctor takes vein or else artery from other part of the body & uses to make the detour (or else graft) around blocked area in artery. Also, your doctor might use vein, named saphenous vein, in leg. In order, to reach vein, incision is made all along inside of leg, between ankle & groin. One end of graft is sewn to the coronary artery. Other end is sewn to opening that is made in the aorta.

Internal mammary artery, in chest, can be used as graft and one end of IMA is connected to aorta, thus just one end may have to get attached. It is sewn to coronary artery. Some other arteries are now being used for the grafts in bypass surgery and most common one is radial artery, in wrist.

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