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Why Glaucoma Surgery required?

Glaucoma surgery is much required at the time of weak eye visions. In most of the cases glaucoma occurs when the pressure build inside eye rises in major stage and damage the optic nerve and patients loosing their vision completely.  In this regard quick diagnoses are much helpful to avoid the problem.  So, it is always better for the patients to never ignoring this problem. Blindness and visual impairment are two major problems in the leading countries.  Every age are suffering form the problem so it’s much better to test quick time if any one suffering from blocked blood vessels, eye infection, and other eye related injury. In this regard preventive mergers are much required from eye problem.

Glaucoma is the foremost reasons for the blindness in world today and this does not need to be so, since it is treated successfully in case, it is discovered early. Also, there are some methods to treat glaucoma & most radical one is surgery. This treatment is performed after other options have already failed.

Glaucoma is term, which the doctors have given to 4 eye diseases. What four types of that have common is how they all destroy your vision. It happens when optic nerve gets destroyed because of pressure and lack of the blood supply. The doctors are not very sure why it happens in a few people & not in others. People at the highest risk of disease are the black people, people more than 40, and anybody with history of disease in family. Doctors can first try and treat glaucoma with the medications, however in case, this does not work then surgical procedure is last option. Also, there are 2 kinds of operations, which is done to treat it; the traditional & laser.

Both the traditional & laser surgery will make world of difference to treat glaucoma. Doctors can turn to the operation as last resort after each other treatment has already failed to work. At times glaucoma operation will cause cataracts, however they are treatable. The laser trabeculoplasty is operation that is used for the open angle glaucoma. The operation is very safe & fast as well as needs no recuperation time and laser is aimed in drainage channels in eye; small hole is made to help fluid drain out. The Trabeculectomy is traditional surgical operation and in this operation small hole is made in white part of eye, for help in the fluid drainage. The recovery time from this kind of the operation is up to 8 weeks.

The drain implantation involves to put microscopic plastic tube in your eye to improve drainage & pressure. Last type of the operation is cyclophotocoagulation. In procedure laser is been used on surface of eye to try and disrupt part of eye that produces fluid and this procedure is most dangerous & will cause decrease in vision that is why the doctors use that as last resort.

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