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Gastic Lap Band Thailand – Offering a Proper Digestion Process!

The gastic lap band has approved by the FDA, and it is minimally invasive bariatric process to treat obesity that includes applying prosthesis nearby the stomach, and also it creating a small gastric pouch and a calibrated opening to the rest of the stomach.

What are the advantages of this band?

There are so many advantages to having this gastic lap band, such as:

· It can control the amount of food you intake.

· It reducing the your appetite

· It enhance your digestion process

It can be adjusted the size of the opening between the two parts of the stomach controls so that it can decidable how much food passes from the upper part and lower part of the stomach. Gastric Lap Band is the hollow band that is made of the sylastic and band is placed over upper third portion of stomach to make the small stomach pouch, which holds two ounces of food, as well as holds around 4 - 6 ounces. Making this stomach space in upper portion of stomach causes longer lasting feeling of the fullness as nerves, which signal brain while you are full are located in upper area of stomach. Band further works just by slowly allowing food you eat being released in lower portion of stomach for the digestion.

It is attached to band is tube, which ends with port attached to the abdominal muscles below ribs. Purpose of port is providing an access to band to add the saline that very slowly fills band, and causing the increased restriction of stomach. And immediately after the surgery band is empty and around six weeks after the Lap Band surgery, and whenever plateau in the weight loss is reached, surgeon adds small amount of the saline in band. Whereas, band will hold around 4 - 5 cc’s of the saline, just small amounts of the saline are added every time. Amount of the “fill” in Lap Band, and amount that is added during every fill differ according to an individual patient state.

Laparoscopic Adjustable Banding Treatment is done under the anesthesia in hospital operating room. At time of surgery 3 to 5 one-half inch to 2 inch incisions are all made in upper abdomen. And barring complications, procedure takes around one hour to do. All the patients undergoing procedure must be aware of possibility of the complications like adhesions from earlier surgeries that might make the laparoscopic procedure impossible. Also, in this case, surgeon can convert to open procedure with 5 inch incision & longer recovery period.

Lots of surgeons let patients to return home same day; but, some other surgeons require patients for staying overnight with the release from hospital around 24 hours post surgery. Though most of the Lap Band patients feel very well after 2 and 3 weeks, and full recovery takes 6 weeks.

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