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Thank you so much for your help, I am extremely happy with my surgery and very happy with the test results. I will send a blog for you to attach for other future clients when I feel better. Have a l ...
[ Tammy Brazel * Bandon ]
Thank you for all your help and referring me to Dr.Tanom. As you suggested I did go to him for Vaser surgery and he was the best choice. Sincerly, James
[ James Sevier ]
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The FTM procedure is design for accomplish the task of sex change. This procedure has accomplished task in 3 steps, and these steps are:

· Mastectomy

· Penile reconstruction

· Testicle implant

These are most efficient process through which the patient can easily change sex for according to their satisfaction in personal life. The first stage is conducting a subcutaneous mastectomy, hysterectomy, in matchup to an oophoretomy. Fundamentally, the breast is removed as well as the womb and the ovaries. Secondly, it involves the penile reconstruction by using a sensate radial implant free flap involving a malleable silicone rod. In the stage 3, is the entire preparation of testicle implant, which can either be done with or without tissue expansion.

Female-to-male transsexuals can normally undergo the FTM chest surgery to remove the breasts as well as undergo the chest reconstruction. This is done by Double Incision or Bilateral Mastectomy method, and Keyhole or Peri-areolar method. Both meed surgeon experienced with the surgery specifically for the FTM transsexuals.

To become legal male, lots of states need one surgery. As "top surgery" is least invasive (as well as most obvious) surgery, and it is most common surgery that is done as a part of female to male transition. Whereas not all the transgender men undergo the surgery, and many feel it is essential step to completing the full transition. Most, testosterone therapy is completed before surgery that needs psychological evaluation & sign off before the therapy can begin.

One of most famous surgeons in Thailand States for the FTM chest surgery is Dr. Brownstein. Dr. Brownstein is totally based out of Bangkok- and is the most noteworthy & known FTM surgeons.

Double incision or Bilateral Mastectomy

Double incision (as well known as the bilateral mastectomy) is most common FTM surgery method that is used for the people with the medium and large breasts. (B to C cup). The large incisions are cut over individuals chest below breasts, as well as muscle is left intact. Skin is after that, pulled back & fat is then sucked out through liposuction. From there, excess skin & fat are cut with the scalpel and wound is been closed.

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