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Excision of Endometriosis Thailand – Introduced for Laparoscopic Surgical Process!

Endometriosis is a critical health condition that grows the uterus is placed on abdominal organs like bladder, ovaries, lining of the abdominal wall, intestines, fallopian tubes, ovaries. The surgeons are diagnosed the problem by using biopsies and laparoscopic surgery system. In most of the cases many surgeon test the process by using ultrasound but in this process it’s difficult to judge.  Due to this condition several health problem are arising such as pelvic pain, bladder pain, pain with intercourse, and severe pain with periods.

How the patients can collect more information about this surgery process?
Due to huge demand and popularity of Thailand many hospitals are introducing their websites address to aware people about various services. So, any one can collect their required information from Thailand hospital’s sites.
Why you feel conservative, and aggressive excision therapy is good for treating the deep endometriosis?
When the patient has invasive endometriosis of posterior rectovaginal septum, and encapsulated ovaries that is fixed to pelvic sidewall by the adhesions & possibly retroperitoneal, tension arises in young patient who has childbearing years in the front of her.

How we treat the woman’s pain when preserving best we may her right for making the decisions about the future pregnancies?

Lots of gynecologists are very critical of meticulous excision of the endometriosis deep in rectovaginal septum & pelvic sidewall as they think that it can result in the flood of the pelvic adhesions. In case, adhesions do happen, then they once again believe relative risk of the infertility can increase. Fearing endometriosis can return no matter what they are doing, they are not likely to support the meticulous pelvic dissection as best type of the treatment. The approach will be leaving deep disease untreated & prescribe suppressive medication. Also, they will encourage pregnancy soon it gets feasible for individuals involved.
I favor excision of the deep endometriosis in young patient for following reasons:
Limited surgery that is followed by the medical suppression means patient undergoes surgery & medication treatment. The side effects of medication are considerable, at times incapacitating, as well as frequently expensive. In addition patient should deal with any of the residual symptoms of endometriosis left behind. Lots of times "limited surgery" results in the skimming top off area of the deep disease, and leaving behind remainder. This also allows the subsequent adhesion formation burying the deep disease. The deep disease that is covered by the new adhesions in fact, increases pain, leaving dissatisfied patient.

In contrast, with the lapex (that is laparoscopic excision), all the endometriosis is removed. Adhesions that might form can do immediately post op, as no disease is left behind to make the new ones on ongoing basis. Follow up surveys dating back in 1991 for many women demonstrate recurrence rate of just 10 to 15%.

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