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Excision Breast Mass Thailand – Using Natural Therapy Process!

Now day’s women are facing numbers of breast related problems. These problems are basically arising due to excess fats problems that store in around the nipple area. In most of the cases it is turn into major cancer problem due to ignorance of the patients.  Previous day’s people are suffering form the problem as well as loosing their life only less medical facility. But day will be changed due to advanced technology that introduced in the medical science field.

Why Excision breast mass is famous in Thailand?
There are various reasons behind the question because every patient searching for the best surgeons as well as best hospital surrounded with health atmosphere to quick recovery from surgical process. Also in case of excision breast mass the surgeons of Thailand are using natural therapy process that work much faster than others process.  Excision of the right breast mass and right breast mass with typical proliferative cells on the fine needle aspiration. With patient in supine position, right breast was been prepped & draped in sterile fashion. The curvilinear incision was then made straight over mass in upper outer quadrant of right breast. The dissection was been carried out over firm mass that was been dissected with the surrounding margins of the breast tissue.
Hemostasis was available making use of electrocautery. The frozen section exam that showed fibroadenoma with a few proliferative hyperplasia in fibroadenoma, however appeared benign. Breast tissues were making use of 4 0 Vicryl. Skin was been closed by using 5-0 Vicryl running stitches. The sterile bandage was been applied and patient tolerated procedure well.
Prior to you agree having the breast lump to be removed it is very important to know you may about that. Information here is guide to the common medical practice. Every hospital & doctor may have a little different method of doing these things, and thus you must follow the guidance where it is very different from information given here. As all the patients, conditions & treatments differ it can’t cover everything. Make use of the information while making the breast lump treatment options with the doctors. You must mention any of the worries you have. Keep in mind, you may ask for more of information any time.
What is problem?
There is one or two problems:
There is something that is in part of breast, like solid lump and cyst. We have to take that out to prevent that getting bigger and troublesome. It is named lumpectomy and breast lump excision.
There is something in breast that is not very normal and we have to take that out for the examination under microscope and this is named excision biopsy.
What has gone totally wrong?
Breast is made of millions of small glands, named lobules that make milk & small tubes, named ducts that will carry milk to nipple.

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