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Cystocele Repair Thailand /Bladder Repair Thailand (Anterior Vaginal Repair with Mesh)

It is a clinical condition, which the thin wall between the vagina and bladder becomes too weak to separate the two. The gravity forces the bladder to expert pressure on the vagina, causing not unreliable and pain. The cystocele repair surgery is a minimally invasive procedure performed by an urologist to move the bladder back into position. The cystocele repair surgery performed withers under simple or spinal anesthesia. At the time of treatment of vaginal wall is cut to push the balder back into place.

What are the benefits?

Through the procedure patients are encouraged to walk shortly after the cystocele repair surgery to prohibited thrombosis. In most of the cases, patients are recovering within a week and can resume most normal tasks fairly son. Bladder & urethra are been supported by anterior and upper vaginal wall. While there is the break in support of an anterior vaginal wall, bladder & urethra fall, and resulting in the cystourethrocele. Review of gynecologic literature reveals most common reason for "bladder drop" is the paravaginal defect and loss of the support of lateral attachment of vagina. Higher than 90% of the cystoceles are because of paravaginal defects. In attempt to repair cystocele, most of the physicians will perform the anterior repair (the anterior colporrhaphy); but, this is the right anatomical operation. In the patients with cystocele from paravaginal defects, most right appropriate surgical method is paravaginal repair that is called cystocele surgery and repair. Cystocele repair is been accomplished by suturing lateral aspect of anterior vaginal back to the original point of the attachment, well known as arcus tendineus fascia pelvis or "white line". The re-approximation of vaginal wall to fascia overlying obturator internus muscle can restore bladder and urethra to the normal anatomical position.

Points of the paravaginal cystocele repair:
* 90% of the cystoceles are because of the paravaginal defects
* Paravaginal repairs are performed making use of sutures
* Paravaginal & midline defects are there simultaneously
* Paravaginal repairs are done laparoscopically
* Paravaginal repairs are performed with the Burch urethropexy
* Paravaginal repairs are coupled with some other prolapse surgeries

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