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Colonoscopy Thailand – Through It You Can Fix the Problem!

The colonoscopy is a process in which the large intestine and the colon are examined. The examination takes out by using an endoscopic tool known as a colonoscopy. The tool is a long thin tube with a tiny camera attached to it. During the colonoscopy treatment your surgeons can diagnose and the treat diseases like ulcers, abnormal growths.

How the colonoscopy in Thailand performed?
The patients are asking to lay by side on examining table. A colonoscopy is injected from the anus, through the rectum and moved to the large intestine. The colonoscopy transmits images of the colon as it bends and moves nearby the curves of the colonoscopy. The patient may experience mild cramps during the colonoscopy. While the procedure is completed, the colonoscopy is drawing out slowly while the bowling is carefully examined.   Colonoscopy procedure is performed to examine patient's colon & rectum and it is done with help of the CCD camera, which is attached to long & flexible tube. The tube is been inserted in person's rectum & is threaded in colon to examine that. An image that camera portrays is been looked at in enlarged screen. It makes identifying any of the abnormalities very simple, since it gives the magnified view.
Generally, procedure is completed to check out why there is any bleeding in stool, change in the bowel habits, unexplained diarrhea, and so on. This is method to check out for the cancerous polyps in colon. The colonoscopy treatment is normally advised to person over 50 years of the age, since they are likely to develop any polyps. Just any other procedure, this one needs preparation beforehand. Doctors can advice patient being on the liquid diet, a day before procedure is happening. Laxatives are given to patient to clean intestine & clear it and in case, there is anything obstructing in a way, doctor cannot get the clear view of colon.
Here are a few of benefits of the colonoscopy procedure -
1. Process is painless.
2. It is fast compared to some other procedures.
3. Polyps and other lesions are removed at once, and avoiding need for the surgical intervention afterwards.
4. Doctor will have clear view of colon that makes treatment much easier. Example - if blood is found in colon, then treatment is given accordingly.
5. Patient will leave home after some hours of procedure and they need not stay overnight at hospital.
6. Generally, it doesn’t have any of the serious risks.
Sedatives are given making procedure comfortable & less painful and with help of these, patient can barely feel anything and it is very good to tell doctor in case, you are very much allergic to medications, or in case, you are taking any kind of the medication.

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