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Clitoral Hood Reduction Thailand – Memorable Sexual Hours!

The surgeons can make more attractive results through the clitoral hood procedure. In this procedure, it covers the clitoris to a degree that prevents sensual stimulation. Having excess hood tissue tapered off, a woman can get the chance to enjoy the full sexual satisfaction. Probably, it takes 1 hour, though it can be slightly less.

What are the benefits?

In this regard, there is no long term data support this besides there is a widely held belief that feminizing genital surgery is successful both cosmetically and functionally.  However, it is impossible to forecast the true gender individuality or sexual preferences of any baby without intersex condition. The separation of genital appearance to gender indentify is unknown but men diagnosed with micropenis in infancy can remain happy with a male gender identify. For the Clitoral Hood Removal, this medical procedure, takes place in the doctor's office on outpatient basis.  The results with woman's clitoral glans (tip of clitoris) exposed permanently. That is why this popular procedure is referred commonly to as the "hoodectomy."  This cause a lot of clitoral stimulation for a few women, with greater periods of the "clitoral erection," from walking around & other nonsexual activities.  And for this cause, few women prefer "Clitoral Hood Reduction."

For the Clitoral Hood Reduction, this safe, simple as well as effective method as well takes place in the doctor's office on outpatient basis.  Results from procedure leaves woman's clitoral glans (tip of clitoris) covered, with an "excess" clitoral hood removed and correct medical term for the procedure is the "Clitoridotomy."

Clitoropexy is onem ore simple procedure, which is at times essential.  Clitoropexy repositions your clitoris while it protrudes beyond the normal anatomical location – that might cause pain, and embarrassment, and both.  The procedures described are NOT being confused with the clitoridectomy, excision, infibulation (as well known as the "pharaonic circumcision") and other type of the Female Genital Mutilation.   The procedures are illegal in majority of the countries & we totally opposed to barbaric, cruel & heartless type of the "female circumcision."  The brutal procedure is generally done on the non-consenting girls prior to the first menstruation, and as soon as girls that are one year old & are planned to minimize and eliminate altogether the enjoyment of sex & all of which are at times misleadingly named "female circumcision."

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