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Chin Augmentation – Design for Critical Problem!

The chin augmentation is designed for surgical implants can alter the underlying posture of face, offering a better balance to the facial character. Often this procedure, but not always performed at the time of Rhinoplasty to help the balance the facial proportions. The chin augmentation may be got by manipulation of the jaw bone and augmentation utilizing this procedure usually offers a more dramatic alteration than with the use of prosthetic implants.

Why this procedure is famous across the world?

The chin augmentation is popular because it’s an easy operation procedure for the patient when producing remarkable changes in the silhouette of the face. This type of surgery is generally performed by both oral and maxillofacial surgeons and plastic surgeons.   Enhancing chin with the implant is common plastic surgery procedure and simple placement of synthetic implant on front of chin (mandibular symphysis) bone will make the dramatic difference in how lower jaw looks & in appearance of lower face & neck. Whereas the chin augmentation is very straightforward operation, and there are a few common side effects, which can  happen after the surgery that can go far away with time.

Despite fact that the chin implant & incision through that it is been placed is very small, it can definitely make chin sore after the surgery. It is as it is essential to lift chin muscle off of bone to position implant in proper place. Soreness can go away in week and so as muscle pain settles down however chin can feel stiff for some time. One might as well notice a few unusual muscle movements and 'spasms' as chin muscle heals over implant. It is a result of muscle adapting to be stretched over size of an implant.

Few moderate swelling of chin is being expected for some weeks however bruising is seen. In case, bruising happens, it is mild & generally appears below chin in neck. There always is a few numbness after chin implant method and skin over chin, and at times part of lower lip, might feel numb for some time after the surgery. This happens because small branches of mental nerve that supplies feeling to lower lip, chin, and front teeth are all stretched from surgery. In a few cases, big end of nerve where that comes out of bone is affected from placing side wings of chin implant. In any case, feeling can return within month after the surgery.

Between numbness and muscle stretching in chin, few patients can see their lower lip might look and move a bit differently after the surgery. The effect is disturbing but it is just temporary.

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