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Cataract Surgery Thailand (Phacoemulsification)

The cataract surgery is a including of the lens in the eye that affects vision. In most of the cases, the cataract surgery is related to aging and also it is one of the most common procedures for folder people. Often, cataract surgery procedures can also be caused by diabetes, excessive exposure to the sunlight, smoking or alcohol consumption. It can be implanting all ageing people and it can develop while clumps of protein reduce the sharpness of the vision. While the clear lens changes to a browsing color. It is that type of procedure where the cloudy lens is removed and replaced by an artificial lens. It may be improved with glasses, magnifying lenses or brighter lighting and will only need to be surgically eliminated while the aims lacks causes problems for every day activities.

What is cataract?

Cataracts happen when natural clear lens in your eye, situated behind iris, becomes cloudy at time. The lens is very important to focus light on back of your eye (retina) so images look clear & without distortion, and clouding of lens during the cataract formation distorts vision. The cataracts are generally gradual process of the normal aging but will occasionally develop fast. They affect both your eyes, however it is common for the cataract in a eye to advance rapidly. Cataracts are common, affecting 60% of the people over age of 60, and more than 1.5 million cataract surgeries are done in United States every year.

Precisely why the cataracts happen is unknown; but, most of the cataracts look being caused by the changes in protein structures in lens that happen over years & cause lens to get cloudy. Rarely, the cataracts will present at birth or else in childhood as result of the hereditary enzyme defects. The severe trauma to eye, eye surgery, and intraocular inflammation will cause cataracts developing more fast. Some other factors that might lead to the development of cataracts at earlier age include the excessive ultraviolet light exposure, smoking, diabetes, and use of some medications, like oral, topical, and inhaled steroids. Some other medications that are weakly associated with the cataracts include long term use of the statins & phenothiazines.

Experts have also estimated that in United States, the visual disability linked with the cataracts accounts for more than 8 million physician visits in a year. This number may likely continue increase as proportion of the people over age of 60 rises. When the people develop cataracts, and they start to have some difficulty doing activities that they enjoy. Few of the most common complaints that include difficulty driving during night, reading and traveling. These are activities for which the clear vision is necessary.

What are symptoms of the cataracts?

Cataract development is equated to looking by the dirty windshield of car and smearing grease over lens of the camera. Cataracts might cause various complaints & visual changes, which includes blurred vision, difficulty with the glare (with bright sun and automobile headlights when driving during night), increased nearsightedness that is accompanied by the frequent changes in the eyeglass prescription, and double vision in eye.

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