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Thank you for all your help and referring me to Dr.Tanom. As you suggested I did go to him for Vaser surgery and he was the best choice. Sincerly, James
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Thank you so much for your help, I am extremely happy with my surgery and very happy with the test results. I will send a blog for you to attach for other future clients when I feel better. Have a l ...
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Cancer Treatment Thailand – Right Process That Makes Fight Successful!

In the twenty first century, cancer is stand as a huge problem before medical science. These problems basically arise due to smoking; drink wine and excess use of tobacco as well as many health problems. It is also huge task before the world medical science. So, the medical research teams are invented various cancer treatment to serve the cancer suffered patients. Now day’s there are several types’ cancer treatment process are available in Thailand.

There are four types of cancer treatment available for fight with cancer jorums such as: radiation, immunotherapy, chemotherapy and last but non in the least surgery. The surgery processes are traditions and oldest process for cancer treatment. Also the success percentage is much suitable in surgery.    The prostate cancer is one type of the cancer, which is very easily treated. Majority of the cases of cancer are diagnosed at early stage. The patients are given best benefit to have cancer cells controlled at earliest stage possible. But, there are cases when cancer has spread & affected entire prostate that makes that very difficult to treat.

Truth be told, the doctors haven’t yet found treatment for the advanced prostate cancer. Actually, lots of advanced prostate cancer patients just get the treatment to prolong life & not to eliminate cancer. But, there are many options that are available for the patients with the prostate cancer, which has advanced the stage. For instance, there is common chemotherapy treatment and drugs that are used in the chemotherapy can control malignant cells to affect some other parts.

The drug named Provenge is being introduced and this is not common vaccine and it slows down progress of cancer. Like chemotherapy, most that it will do is extending patient's life and it will add month or a year. There are as well hormones that are given to patient and this is completely based from study that male hormone, testosterone, is a substance that is responsible to promote growth of cancer. It means by causing body to reduce the production, growth of tumor is as well slowed down. The radiation therapy is another option that is available and this use x-ray machine that emits the high energy waves and radiation is been applied directly to tumor and this was well known being effective while combined with the hormone therapy than the hormone therapy all alone.

These are some available advanced cancer treatment and consult doctor before selecting which one is administered to patient.


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