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Buttocks Implants Thailand – Move for the Procedure!

What is buttock implant?

It has designed to offer the patient a sensual curvaceous figure that the patients wish. Whether, patients are never satisfying with their size of buttocks because it hung to downwards due to excess fats stores in the area. So, buttocks implants procedure in Thailand required removing unwanted fats and reshaping it.

How much time take by the procedure?

These procedures can be taking more than 2 to 3 hours.

How does this procedure performed?

There is incision is prepares whether the crease meets the thigh that time a small fold has created in the organ and then the buttock has implanted and the positioned to the doctor’s satisfaction. While the procedure has been started that time the patient is undergoing local anesthesia so that the patient can not feel any hardship throughout the procedure.

Buttock Implants - Plastic Surgery Procedure

The surgical procedure also named as gluteoplasty or else buttock augmentation. It is made to reshape size of the buttocks and make more firm & aesthetic appearance. Buttock area is not very easily changed by the weight reduction and exercise, and thus you might consider the operation for improving look of the buttock. Generally, each person wanting to undergo operation, as well as is in the good physical state, will do so.

During operation surgeon inserts the silicon implants in the gluteal area. Not like breast implants, and these are solid and soft, their shape & size differ, and that also according to the individual body form & desires.

Buttock Implants - The Implants

Also, there are some types of implants: oval or round. Most common implants are one made of silicon. That comes with smooth and textured surface & they are solid (it means: they spill or else rupture). Selection of the implant is generally made according to surgeon`s advice & your preference.

Buttock Implants - Insertion Locations

Incision for implant insertion is made in many locations: 2 excisions, either on superior buttocks or else inferior buttock near posterior thigh. However, both the incisions leave quite visible scar and one excision is been made in sacrum area, and it goes from the top down, as well as is generally small (4 to 6cm). An only problem is that incision that tends to get infected more often; and this is treated with the antibiotics. Implant is placed above and below gluteal muscles. Lastly, liposuction is added to the procedure to shape the buttocks. The procedure is done under the general anesthesia & generally lasts one hour, and liposuction might need the additional half hour.

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