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Communication with Beauty Med My contact was Natt at customer services, I found Natt to be very helpful and informed. The fast response to emails was excellent and reassuring. The airport transfers ...
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Although I am still in the recovery period, I can say that my surgery has been very successful both functionally and cosmetically. The results of my facial surgery are also impressive. The facilities ...
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Breast lifting procedure is very helpful for women that are suffering from droopy breast problems, this problem arises due to excess fats skin deposits in the  breast area and around the nipple area so the breast will be hanging over the chest. The suffering patients are never wearing their favorite dress due to their odd body shape . So, they are avoiding party with their friends due to their uncomfortable shape.

Before the Surgery

The breast lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure, which enhances and lifts the appearance of a woman's bosom. Also, there are many questions that are asked about the operation and lots of them have merit. Asking the questions generally puts prospective patients at ease & quiets their anxiety, in a way or another. It is very important to learn about the operation before coming to Thailand so you can prepare as many questions as possible for the surgery to you can have better understanding of the surgery and the doctor's process.

How the process performed?

The surgeons of Thailand are much skilled in every types of surgery process and also advanced tools help them to go through the entire process smoothly in a short period of time. Firstly the surgeon makes a tiny hole over the nipple area and installs a small glass tube over the nipple area to remove unwanted fats.  The surgical process will take place according to the percentage of fats then finally an anchor shape scar will be left from the stitches.

Am I Good Candidate?

One of foremost questions that is asked what are bases to be the good candidate? Not every men & women are right candidates for the breast lift. There are the factors, which affect how good the candidate person is & these is based on person's health & lifestyle. Underlying states like heart condition and diabetes will affect operation and results. Other than physical & mental health of person, state of breasts will indicate whether she is the good candidate for operation or not. The good candidate for procedure might have nipples & areolas, which are in and near underside of breasts, to crease. She may have bosom, which lacks firmness & appear pendulous however are of the satisfactory size. The larger sized ones are not perfect for procedure as they generally revert to state because of the natural heaviness, even after the satisfactory lifting.

What will Doctor do During Procedure?

Procedure needs incisions being made in area and, these cuts are all made in proper places that render them unnoticeable. The places are on under part of mammary glands, over areola & maybe on crease where breasts meet body. In cases where areola is been repositioned, doctor generally warns patient about the possible inability to do breastfeeding. Doctors try not affecting the function however at times the things are not simple to avoid during the breast lift.

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