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Brain Surgeries Thailand – The Process Can Changes Lifestyle!

Are the process risk one?

A minimal risk factor  most be in every surgery process but in case of brain surgeries the percentage of rick much higher than others surgery process. Due to advanced process the surgery done easily but the minimal problem of the process such as blood clot or bleeding in the brain, stroke, Infection in the brain, in the wound, or in the skull, brain swelling, seizures are stand for some days after the surgical process.

Above all this thing the proper physical test is much required before any types brain surgery because that help the surgeons to known more about previous health problem of patient and diagnosis according to it. In most of the cases many patients are loosing their life due to their ignoring the surgeon’s advice.  The abnormal mass of the tissue where cells grow & multiply, and seemingly unchecked by mechanisms, which control the normal cells and they are been classifieds in two main groups:

" Primary

" Metastatic

The primary brain tumors are one that are developed from tissues of brain, and starts in the brain tissue. Most common kind of the brain tumor is gliomas and there are a lot of types of the gliomas too:




Brain stem glioma

Metastatic brain tumors are one that come anywhere in body (such as legs etc) as well as migrate by bloodstream.


That depends on:




By causing hydrocephalus

If tumor presses the nerves and in case, it is damaging particular surface of brain, and then it is the indication of the brain tumor.


In case, you have brain tumor doctor can suggest you following:

Physical Exam: General health checkup prior to the surgery.

Neurological Exam: Alertness, response to pain and so on can get checked. In most of the instances, combination of the CT Scan & MRI are enough to plan the surgery.

Primary brain tumors in kids

There are 2 kinds in children: medulloblastomas and astrocytomas. Medulloblastoma is the primitive cell tumors of kids.

This surgery has the following goals:

Verify the diagnosis

Decrease the effects that are caused by pressure of tumor that is massed within skull

Safely remove tumor if possible

Each and every patient would like to know about the disease & treatment or want to ask everything possible, however in case, you have diagnosed symptoms of that then, surely it is very hard for you. Doctor can refer you specialist or neurosurgeon. Patient is treated by team of health care experts. There are a lot of treatment options for the surgery that depends on type & stages.

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