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The bilateral orchidopexy is a surgical process where a surgeon fastens an undescended testicle insert the scrotum, usually with absorbable sutures. Often it is most important in male infants or very young children to correct bilateral orchidopexy, which is the medical term for undescended testicles. However, this surgery process performed in adolescents and may be include on or both testicles. In this way, the patient can achieve the great result in fine way if you want this procedure for your problem it is the right time to move for the online market to draw the information about the procedure for which you can solve the problematic conditions. This procedure can help you to inform all the details but you can draw the best techniques to achieve the great result.

The orchidopexy is operation, which brings the non-descended testicles, down in scro- tum. The orchidopexy is done on one and both sides. When both the testicles are brought down it is named bilateral orchidopexy. Reason for the surgery is in case, the non-descended testicle is not at all brought down in the scrotum prior to the puberty it generally can fail to develop the ability to make sperm. More importantly in case, that remains undescended, then there is increased risk to develop the tes-ticular cancer in that testicle.


The small incision is made above groin on an effected side and testicle is after that located and spermatic cord isolated. There is the hernia linked with the undescended testicles & in case, this is a case then hernia is repaired. Testicle is put down in scrotum in two or more ways. In case, cord is very short the special pouch is made in scrotum to hold testicle down there. In case, cord is very long enough then testicle is popped in scrotum and neck of scrotum is been narrowed by stitching that partly closed so testicle will not pop back up.


Generally, nothing is allowed being eaten and drunk for 6 hours prior to the surgery. It includes the chewing gum & sweets and exact instructions are also given about ‘by mouth’ needs before the surgery.


In case, shave of surgical site is required, then this is done in the theatre when your kid is asleep. Your son will be taken to the theatre & transferred to operating table. The Anaesthetic staff can apply mask & attach different monitoring devices. When all preparations are complete, then surgery can begin. Operation generally takes around 30 minutes for single orchidopexy & up to double time for the bilateral orchidopexy.

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