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Bilateral Herniotomy Thailand – Surgery Performed With Laparoscopic!

Now day’s many people are suffering from muscles problem.  Due to these reason they are never feeling comfortable during working time like lifting. Many people are ignoring the problem as minor one. The patients of bilateral herniotomy are increasing day by day. So, it is always better for the patients consults with the surgeons as soon as possible and takes some privative major to remove the problem.

How the surgical process preformed by the surgeons?

Basically two types process are performing by the surgeons of Thailand to solve problem such as: abdominal open repair surgery, in this process done through a small incisions over the herniated area. But the laparoscopic surgery performed through a keyhole punctures and its entire process takes one hours.  The  series of inguinal explorations done on 164 infants & children who were been admitted with the unilateral hernia and hydrocele or underwent bilateral herniotomy is then presented.

Technique of the inguinal exploration is been described.

Around sixty percent of explored patients had patent processus vaginalis (that is potential hernia and hydrocele) on unsuspected side.

Total incidence of the positive explorations that are appeared essentially in a same irrespective of the family history of age, hernia, history of the prematurity and side explored.

Incidence of the positive explorations appears higher in the females (around 80 per cent). But, series is very small of statistical significance in this respect.

Palpation of cord was useless to predict presence and absence of occult hernia.

Bilateral herniotomy done on otherwise healthy infants & children with the unilateral hernia and hydrocele, regardless of age, family history of the hernia, sex, history of the prematurity and side involved, is been justified. The laparoscopic inguinal herniorraphy is in practice in the adults as the initial description by in 1921. But, there is not any standardized technique for kid till now. We present series 110 repairs of the hernias in infants & children that treated laparoscopically. Aim of study is documenting authors' experience with the laparoscopy in the inguinal hernia in boys and girls.

Material & Methods: Procedure was done with 3 ports, one telescopic & other two for the needle holders. Internal inguinal ring was been closed with and without dissection of the sac with some stitches of 3 to 0® Vicryl. Total of around 80 kids underwent the surgery.

Results: Once technique of the intracorporeal suturing method is mastered, procedure is straightforward needing 25 minutes for the unilateral & 35 minutes for the bilateral hernias. And age of patient & size of internal inguinal ring don’t influence outcome due to magnifying effect of the laparoscopy.

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