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It is a rotator cuff reconstruction is a minimally invasive surgery to repair torn tendons in the shoulder. Arthroscopy Shoulder cuff reconstruct generally tasks between one and two hours. Usually, it will be performed under general anesthesia which means the patients will go to deep sleep during the surgery process. An Arthroscopy Shoulder procedure is like a thin telescope with a light source can be used to magnify the posture inside the injured area of the shoulder agrees evaluation and treatment. After the innovating the shoulder joint using the arthroscopic camera, the doctor can introduced surgical instruments via very few small incisions in the skin nearby the shoulder to clean out damaged tissue. In this way, the patients undergoing arthroscopic surgery can have varying diagnoses and pre existing conditions.

The Arthroscopic surgery is done by small incisions using camera to visualize inside of the joint. By many small incisions (around one centimeter each) surgeon can insert the camera in an incision, as well as small instruments through other incisions.

Is the arthroscopic surgery much better than the traditional "open" surgery?

That depends and open surgery, procedure making use of the larger incisions & enabling surgeon to look in joint, are better for some procedures under some circumstances. The Arthroscopic surgery has a few benefits --smaller incisions, the less tissue damage--however these are generally not helpful if overall procedure can’t get performed. You have to discuss with surgeon in case, particular procedure is done arthroscopically.

I got 2 different opinions about the surgery & one said arthroscopic was much better--who is right?

There is not any clear answer and there are the debates among orthopedic surgeons how you can best perform different kinds of the surgery. For instance, lots of shoulder surgeons disagree of whether rotator cuff repairs are performed arthroscopically since, they will open. Unluckily, there are pros & cons to both, as well as nobody knows for sure one and other is better.

What is recovery from the shoulder arthroscopy?

Recovery depends what kind of the surgery is done and one of problems with the shoulder arthroscopy is procedure hurts less than the open shoulder surgery, as well as patients might tend to do a lot, too soon. Also, it is important you just perform activities, which your surgeon suggests following the shoulder arthroscopy. Although shoulder might feel fine, you have to allow time for the repaired tissues to heal. It is important for the patients who have the rotator cuff repairs & labral repairs.

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