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Arthroscopy knee is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that examination, and sometimes the treatment of damage inside of joints are performed using an Arthroscoe. In this process endoscope is injected into the joint through a small incision examine the area before surgery. Arthroscopy knee procedures can performed either to evaluate or to treat many orthopaedic conditions involving torn floating cartilage and torn surface cartilage.

What are the advantages?

The advantage of the Arthroscopy knee over traditional open surgery is that the joint does not have to be opened up fully. Besides, only two small incisions are made one for the Arthroscopy knee and one for the surgical instruments to be used knee cavity to fully remove knee cap form the surgery area.

What Is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is the minimally invasive surgical method, which allows the orthopedic surgeon to see & operate inside joint making use of the device named arthroscope. Arthroscope is inserted by small incisions in a skin. The arthroscope is pen shaped instrument to which small video camera & light source is been attached.

* Lenses inside arthroscope magnify images from joint up to thirty times the normal size.

* The images are all transmitted to TV monitor, and giving orthopedic surgeon exceptionally clear view of inside of the joint.

* From view, surgeon will operate inside joint making use of the small instruments inserted by separate tiny incisions.

Joint surgery has also improved since arthroscope was been introduced. Surgery is very less traumatic, healing is much faster, scarring is been reduced, as well as recovery is quicker. Just many of small scars stay to show surgery was done.

Understanding Knee

Knee is the hinged joint that is made up of 3 bones held very firmly together by the ligaments, which stabilize joint. Bones that meet at knee are upper leg bone (femur), lower leg bone (tibia) and knee cap (patella). Bones inside joint are all lined by smooth protective layer named articular cartilage that allows bones to glide very smoothly on one another. In arthritis, smooth lining gets damaged and these cross in center of knee (for this reason they are named cruciate ligaments) as well as control backward & forward motion of knee. ACL is often injured in the severe twisting injuries of knee.

Two major ligaments are located outside knee joint, on outer & inner side of leg. They also act to stabilize knee's sideways motion and ligament on inner side of knee is named medial collateral ligament and MCL (medial means side). Ligament on outer side of knee is lateral collateral ligament and LCL.

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